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Goddess art has enhanced our understanding of the role of the feminine divine from ancient history to the present day. Goddess art inspires us to recognize the goddess archetypes as parts of our own souls, giving us a link to the unconscious  . . .
a way to remember
the goddess within, the goddess that is too often fragmented and forgotten.

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Welcome inspiration as you view the goddesses' images.  Savor them with  your senses. Let their energies surround you as you see them through the artists' eyes and feel their goddess power,  crafted by the artist's skilled and loving hand.

For some of us, seeing the goddesses revealed in artwork that spans centuries is an exciting way to bring the goddess into our daily lives, giving us a moment of quiet reflection as we acknowledge the goddess myths and the impact they have had on the evolution of womankind.

Since it helps support this site, we at Goddess Gift will certainly appreciate your purchase of the Goddess Art presented here, but our fundamental wish is that you:




  • Browse to your heart's content.
  • Find the images that "speak" to you, feast on them and resonate with the goddess portrayed.



  • Remember to live your days with intention . . . this is the gift of love, the one true goddess art.


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