Seventh in the Series

“Goddesses Surround Us”

It seems that labyrinths are a bit of a mystery.  There is great debate about which ancient culture created the first one…was it the Minoans on Crete, where Goddess Ariadne showed people the way with her silver moon thread, or was it the Egyptians who built one “near the place called the City of Crocodiles”.  

What has withstood all time is how healing it can be to navigate through a Labyrinth.  They have taken many forms throughout history – simple circular paths lined with rock, complex patterns with tall hedgerows as their walls and miniatures carved into pillars and walls in churches for your finger to follow. 

 St. Augustine, a fourth-century theologian once proclaimed “Solvitur ambulando”, or “It is solved by walking.”  This is being proven still today, with the popularity of labyrinths returning to our culture.  Many are being built and walked in hospitals, public parks and once again, churches. 


 Grace is named in honor of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, my hometown.  They have built two labyrinths – one inside the church and one in the front courtyard, allowing the opportunity for people to walk the labyrinth and experience their healing powers at any time.

Grace’s labyrinth is reminiscent of the ancient ones, using lapis lazuli stones as her outline.  Her colors were chosen to represent the blue and white Greek flag as well as the blue hues of Mediterranean sea.  The spiral on her head represents the original form of labyrinths.   Two Greek keys encompass a moon of mother of pearl. 

If you come across a labyrinth, I hope that you take the time to walk through and see for yourself how calming and healing the experience truly is.

Artist:  Paula Masterman

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