Goddess Harvesté

Eighth in the Series

“Goddesses Surround Us”

As the Wheel of the Year turns to Autumn, people all over the world celebrate their Goddess of the Harvest.  In Russia, the Slavic Goddess Baba Yaga, whose autumnal death in the cornfield lead to a new birth in Spring, Chang-O, the Chinese Queen of the Moon who brings families together to celebrate and honor the sweetness of life with moon cakes and Annapurna, the generous Goddess of the Hindus who helps create food to nourish the world. 

Autumn has always been my favorite season.  Between the warm colors of the leaves, the slant of the sunlight on what’s left on my flower garden, the cooler temperatures, the gusty winds that sneak up on you – I don’t know which I like better or maybe it’s the combination of all of them that makes me feel “at home”.

Harvesté (rhymes with Namesté) captures all of these aspects of Autumn.  She tells us when the blustery winds arrive, cozy up in our favorite blanket, marvel in the rich colors of apricot, rust and yellow outside our window, and take stock of how our Spring and Summer have rewarded us.  Gather those books we didn’t have time to read because we were tending to our tomato plants.  Autumn is here ~ it’s time to  be grateful, to celebrate, to reflect and prepare for our Winter’s introspection.

Artist:  Paula Masterman

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