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Jeniffer Zimmerwoman: Dream Lodge

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Artist: Jeniffer Zimmerwoman
Dream Lodge
Year Created:
Oil Pastel
11 inches
17 inches

Price: US$ 50

Description: 11X17 Oil Pastel - Print An ancient ritual. After taking from a hallucinogenic root, she enters the deepest part of the cave, alone. Here she will have her vision, one that she will never be allowed to share. She is naked. She begins to paint... she paints her own body. She paints the cave walls. She paints the story of her healing vision, so that there will be some record of her truth. She remembers the beginning of time, and realizes that time does not exist. Has it been minutes or has it been days? She realizes her own power to heal herself. She realizes her ability to heal others. She understands that we all have this gift, and she feels the heat in her heart. She feels her connection to everything, and takes comfort in the womb of this mountain, which she will forever call "Mother".

This print symbolizes our ability to see outside of ourselves, to envision something without limitations. We are often limited only by our imagination, and here the DREAM LODGE reminds us that we all have a vision living inside us, waiting to be released when the time calls for it to come forth.

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Jeniffer Zimmerwoman's Portfolio

Jeniffer Zimmerwoman
Tucson, AZ
United States

Artist Statement:

My life is surrounded by cultural religious symbols, my favorites being ones that represent the female form as the Divine. I have come to realize that these icons are windows into places inside of me that are inherently connected to the Celestial. My spirit is hungry for stories and art that unite me with an unspeakable place that is both within and without, linking me to others and to something bigger than myself. Icons remind me.

I am inspired by archetypes that speak to my spiritual nature, and throughout my work you will see reoccurring symbols that are born from that place: The Moon, The Serpent, horned women, exposed breasts and ripened pregnancy are among some of my common themes. These symbols are a small part of a secret language that whisper to me on an ancient level.

My art has a life of its own. Each piece is created from a place that is deep, spontaneous and personal. It wasn’t until recently that I began to share my work with the community, and I discovered that the representations spoke to others as well. Some of my art is accompanied by brief stories that were inspired by the art, others still have stories waiting be put on page. This site is an offering to those of you who hear the message.

Please feel free to e-mail with questions or feedback, I welcome any communication.



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