Wild Woman Prayer

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Her Dreaming Universe
        by Mary Novak

I knew it was not what I thought.
I knew her story was greater than time.
I saw how she stood once in Heaven.
I saw how she fell from Grace.

All lines go nowhere.
All circles return.
In the Dream, I see
the Return. Others
cannot see the
distant future.

All time, is her
knowing, her gentleness,
her birthing of creation,
her nursing from her breasts.
Her flow of Holy Blood from
her Vulva. This Womb of Return.

As we wait, look up at the Stars
and see how she reflects its
Creation. A spoken light
of silence, forever waiting
in the back of humanities

This door is beginning to open.
Have you lost your key, and forgotten
the Dream? She shall reawaken you too
and you shall re-member.

Wild Woman Prayer

We are indebted to Mary Novak, better known perhaps as Mary the Aquarian.  Poet, Astrologer, Reiki Energy Master, Shamanic Body Worker, leader of Neo-Shamanic Dreamtime Groups, she is a woman with many goddess gifts. Explore them at: www.LilithSophia.com.

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