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We're delighted to have the opportunity to help you bring more 'goddess-ness' into your daily life. Holding a goddess in your conscious awareness can bring you empowering lessons about living life from the essence of who you are from your heart and soul.

Your Empowerment Package from Goddess Gift

Gift #1 : A Free Subscription to the Goddess Gift Newsletter

  We invite you to rediscover yourself through the Goddess. We hope the Goddess Gift Newsletter will inspire you and help you to embrace a comforting truth about your self that you are unique in your humanness and divine in what constitutes you  a beautiful, wondrous aspect of spirit.

The Goddess Gift Newsletter is a monthly ezine that celebrates the goddess within every woman and explores how we can incorporate the ancient energies of the goddess in our contemporary lives.


Gift #2       

Download A Chapter from
Goddess Gift: Discover Your Goddess Type
A book about finding the goddess in you!

by Sharon Turnbull, Ph.D.

Women who live abundant lives share one important trait--they have learned how to access and use the power of their personalities. In that very still inner center lives a goddess, whether you are consciously aware of her or not. She waits for you to harness her powers in your search for personal fulfillment.

Goddess Gift: Discover Your Goddess Type
will help you discover the goddess in you
and plant you firmly on the path
to living the life you were always meant to live.

Download Chapter here:
Accessing the Divine in the Feminine Psyche
 To Download Right Click on the link, then Save Target As
(requires Adobe Acrobat)

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Gift #3 : The Empowering Gift of Self-Discovery

Which Goddess Are You?

Goddess Gift pioneered the first (and, to our knowledge, the only)
scientific personality assessment that is designed
to help you discover which goddess is your personal archetype.

The 100 questions in the Goddess Quiz
provide you with a detailed (20+ page) report
that identifies the specific goddess
who influences the patterns of your life.

Click Here To Take the 'Just for Fun' Quiz
A mini-version sample of the popular
Goddess Quiz online.

Use this link to read more about the Goddess Quiz and how it will help you become the Heroine in Your Own Life Story. 
Tell me more about the Goddess Quiz
(Another version, The Greek Gods Quiz, is available for men.


Gift #4   Soothing for the Soul: The Goddess Screensaver

Empower  your efforts to consciously create an abundant life by bringing this stunning and inspiring Goddess Screensaver to your PC or Mac.

When struggling with the challenges and stresses of contemporary life, allow its serene beauty to gently remind you to live always with purpose and spirit.

To order the screensaver on CD-ROM
($5 shipping/handling), use this link:
Goddess Screensaver (CD-ROM)


To download your free
 Goddess Screensaver,
use this link:

Goddess Screensaver Download


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