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Goddess books and authors abound and you will find masses of information about these legendary ladies on the world wide web, but sometimes it isn't easy to find insightful material that really makes you think.

The Goddess Forum offers a creative and constructive environment  where you can reflect on the myriad of ways that the goddesses can show themselves in our modern lives. Articles, essays, poetry, and musings that help you celebrate the feminine divine in your daily life.

Wild woman, diva, or a pagan spirit in contemporary times? You will find them all here. Seeking information about the goddesses? The Goddess Forum provides a place to start your search, providing essays, articles, links to goddess books, and provocative poetry to add to your knowledge and stimulate your thinking. Just see the links below.

(Or follow these links if you're looking for information about the goddess myths, goddess symbols, or for  goddess books, authors, and book reviews.)


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