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Egyptian Goddess Bast (Bastet)
~Temple of the Cat Goddess Discovered

Even a queen needs a goddess she can call on! Even Queen Berenike (also known as Berenice), who reigned in Egypt during the third century B.C.E. as a co-regent with her husband, the Ptolemy III.

Was it to add a little spice to her sex life? (She had four children.) Or to protect her household? (Definitely needed, one of her sons eventually killed her . . . presumably so he could ascend to the Dowager Queen's throne.)

No one knows for sure, but the presence of Bast's temple near the center of her government seems to indicate that she greatly revered the goddess.

The original Egyptian goddess Bastet was personified as a lion who fiercely protected the king during battle. Originally an Egyptian sun goddess, Bast's followers were centered in Bubastis. More than 300,000 mummified cats were discovered inside her temple there.

It was thought that the worship of the goddess Bast declined after the Greek rulers of the Ptolemaic Dynasty took over the rulership of Egypt from the Pharoahs.

Not true, apparently! They just changed her appearance from a lion to that of a domestic cat and, associating her with the Greek goddess Artemis, began worshipping her as a lunar goddess instead. 

The Goddess Bast
~Egyptian Cat Goddess~

A team of archaeologists recently unearthed a temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Bast (also known as Bastet) near Alexandria, finding a large collection of pots and statues of the Egyptian gods as well.

The find, says the Supreme Council of Antiquities, suggests that the goddess Bast (Bastet) continued to be actively worshipped much later than originally thought.

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