Freya: Norse Goddess

Freya, the Norse goddess of Love, Beauty and Destiny awaits you: Her myths and symbols can be found by using the link at the top of the page.

Freya: Goddess of Love So like a cat, Freya disappears  just when you want to find her!

But, don't worry . . . just click on the link above and you can find her.

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The Norse goddess Freya is just one of the fascinating legenday ladies you will encounter here. The myths and symbols of Freya, as well as meditations to invoke her presence in your life, are followed by those of the Norse goddess Freya, including the legends of the Valkyries. You will also find information about: the Greek goddess  hera hestia demeter  hecate atalanta   hestia demeter ondine   sophia inanna   rhiannon mazu (Ma Tsu) Norse goddesses frigga & freya psyche  Isis and Osiris   mnemnosyne and the muses  Amaterasu   kali parvati   sedna yemaya iambe  baubo   ix-chel arachne and athena aphrodite (roman goddess venus)  persephone  psyche green tara white tara   white buffalo calf woman artemis  brigid  bast sophia, goddess of wisdom inanna : ishtar celtic goddess rhiannon nut hecate  isis  Amaterasu & Uzume     brigit hindu goddesses lakshmi and parvati inuit goddess sedna African goddess yemaya   ix-chel   persephone  white buffalo calf woman    bast artemis goddess kali   baubo freya  nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp;Greek Gods Quiz and Goddess Quiz) that you can take online. They are personality tests that identify your archetype (personality type). Let your inner goddess run free as you nurture the goddess within. nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp; And take the popular Goddess Quiz an online personality test that can connect you with your inner goddess.