Goddess Symbols: Bastet



Bastet (Basthet or Bast), the Egyptian goddess of the rising sun,  is usually  represented by symbols based on her identity as the "Cat Goddess", or connoting her traits which were definitely feminine and sensual  but also loving and  fiercely protective. Many artifacts containing the symbols of the goddess Bastet have been unearthed, for the worship of this goddess was widespread and lasted for several centuries.

Goddesses have been represented throughout history by a number of symbols. Many of the goddesses symbols come from the legends surrounding that goddess and were "characters" in her story. Others were apparently included as features in the ancient rites of worship of these goddesses. The symbols of the Egyptian goddess Bastet are featured below.


Symbols of the Egyptian Goddess Bastet (Bast, Basthet)

Sun, moon, the East and the rising sun, oil lamps, perfume bottles and jars,  rivers (especially the Nile) , floats,  papyrus,  the Sphinx, and the utchat (All-seeing Eye symbol ), October 31 (feast of Bastet and Sekhmet)

Cats, kittens, and snakes

Comfrey, mint, figs, cotton , barley, gourds, lettuce,  cornflower,   iris, heliotrope,  morning glory vines and flowers, ,grapes,  flax, hemp, mandrake, figs , acacia  and sycamore trees


Frankincense, myrrh, almond, iris, patchouli, cinnamon, and balsam
Gems and Metals:  
Manganese, malachite, copper,  lapis lazuli, black onyx, pink granite
Red, pink, white, manganese blue, green, and gold.

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