Isis: Egyptian Goddess of Magic

Isis, the Egyptian goddess of Magic, who restored the life of her beloved husband Osiris. Her myths and symbols can be found by using  the link above.

Isis: Greek Goddess Isis (and her beloved Osiris) snuck off to be together in a new hideaway on another page.

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The hauntingly beautiful legend of the love affair with Osiris and Isis, and the creation of the pharoahs of ancient Egypt, are the gift of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Her magic extended to the power of resurrection and rebirth. Inanna  ::    Bast: Cat Goddess  ::   Isis  ::   Egyptian goddess Nut    : : : : : :   : : : : : :     Enjoy the goddess myths. Look for their presence in your life. Connect with your inner goddess by taking popular online personality test, Goddess Quiz at where you can read about  hera, Greek goddess of love and marriage   hestia    demeter   hecate      artemis   atalanta   ondine    brigit      sophia    rhiannon   mazu (Ma Tsu)  Norse goddesses frigga & freya    Egyptian goddess nut    amaterasu    mnemnosyne and the  muses       demeter       kali   parvati    Amaterasu sedna   yemaya   iambe   baubo   ix-chel (ix chel)  saint brigid   arachne and athena      aphrodite (venus)    psyche     green tara    persephone    white buffalo calf woman   artemis   brigid   sophia   ishtar  hecate      hestia    brigit parvati    sedna   yemaya   moon goddesses    ix-chel athena  persephone    psyche  white buffalo calf woman    kali    Greek goddess hera     freya  nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp; Investigate the Greek Gods Quiz and the Goddess Quiz.... popular online personality tests that identify the archetype (personality type) that rules your life. Connect with your goddess within. nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp;