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Goddess Amaterasu

Mayan Goddess of the Moon

Ix-Chel was "too pretty for her own good", as some like to say.  All the gods were captivated by her. All but one, that is.

Kinich Ahau, the Sun God, seemed immune to Ix-Chelís charms. Yet he was the only one she really ever wanted.  

Like many moon goddesses Ix-Chel was a fine weaver, and it was the beautiful cloth she wove that finally captured Kinich Ahauís attention. Soon they became lovers.

Ix-chel goddess of the rainbow 

Their relationship was turbulentóKinich Ahau had a suspicious nature and was often consumed with jealousy. To make matters worse, he also had a fiery temper. Suspecting that the innocent Ix-Chel was having an affair with his brother (the Morning Star), Kinich Ahau threw her out of the sky.

Ix-chel myth

Ix-Chel quickly found refuge with the vulture gods. Hearing this, Kinich Ahau rushed to plead with her to return and promised never to treat her so poorly again. But little time passed before he became jealous and abusive again.

Finally Ix-Chel realized he was not going to change. She decided to leave him for good. Waiting until he fell asleep, she crept out into the night, taking the form of a jaguar and becoming invisible whenever he came searching for her. She escaped to her sacred islands and spent much of her time nursing women during their pregnancies and childbirth.

Lady of the Rainbows

Ix-Chel encourages us to acknowledge the negative forces affecting our lives. And she prompts us to assert ourselves fully in the face of physical or emotional violence that would diminish our sense of self.

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