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The Goddess Myths instruct and entertain us. Here are some of the goddesses whose stories await you. Inanna  ::   Rhiannon  ::  Irish goddess brigid  ::   Mazu (Ma Tsu)  ::   Bast  ::   Goddess Isis  ::   Nut  ::   Frigga and Freya: Norse goddesses  ::   Mnemosyne, goddess of memory  ::  Amaterasu & Uzume  ::   Aphrodite  ::   artemis  ::   atalanta  ::   Greek goddess athena  ::   demeter.htm  ::   Hecate  ::   Hera  ::   Hestia.htm  ::   persephone: Kore  ::   Greek goddess Psyche  ::   Chinese Goddess Mazu (Ma Tsu)  ::   Bast: Cat Goddess  ::   Isis  ::   Nut  ::   Frigga and Freya  ::   mnemosyne.htm  ::   Rhiannon ::  Brigid   : : : : : :     : : : : : :    goddess_Lakshmi Enjoy reading the goddess myths. Be sure to look for meditations and activities to invoke their presence in your life while you're at the site. And take the popular Goddess Quiz an online personality test.