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Which Goddess Is in Your Kitchen?

goddess myths inspire your cooking

Helpful Hints for Goddess Gift's

2009 Challenge: Diva Diner

Feeling a bit "inspiration challenged?" about how to pick 'your goddess' and your recipe for the 2009 Annual contest. (Or just get creative and cook up your own goddess:recipe connection!)

Where to start?

A couple of ideas:

~ Choose a goddess you like and review her myths and symbols to get a creative spark. 

We've provided a list of links to the goddesses and their myths on the left. Happy researching!

For example, take my recipe for "Persephone's Pomegranate Punch" I named my favorite warm punch after Persephone because the pomegranate is one of her symbols and it played an important role in her myths when she intentionally ate the seeds of the pomegranate so she would 'have to' live with her new husband, the god Hades, at least for part of the year.


~ What's your favorite recipe? Choose it first and then connect it to a goddess and her story.

Find a connection in the goddess' myths, as I did for this recipe from the cupboards of the goddess of love:


 Goddess Myths

:: Amaterasu  ::
:: Aphrodite  ::
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Aphrodite's Spinach Souffle


One Stauffer's Spinach Souffle   (from the freezer section)

4-6 cherry tomatoes, or several small chunks of a big tomato
(Remember that another name for tomato is “love-apple”.)

1 clove garlic, minced  (Go ahead & cheat. . . use the kind that comes in a jar, Aphrodite would!)

1 small pat of butter 
1/8 cup of Parmesan Cheese
One egg   

To do:

Defrost the spinach souffle by putting it in the microwave for 3 minutes while you put all the other stuff in a microwave-able bowl that’s pretty. (Aphrodite would say that presentation is everything!)  Stir all the ingredients.

Pour in the defrosted spinach souffle, stir again. Toss it back in the microwave and zap it for another 3 minutes. Turn the bowl and stir it again while you think about how Aphrodite always seemed to be stirring things up! 

Cook another 3 minutes till the top starts to harden but it’s still soft inside.  Remove from oven, sprinkle the top with some Parmesan. 

Voila, an elegant dish worthy of the love goddess and you've still got time to polish your toesnails!

Still Haven't Got a Clue? Let the Muses help.

Here's a few quick-n-dirty ideas to stir your thought processes, but please don't be constrained....the world (& underworld) is the limit:














  Your Dish Might Be Something Like:

clam dishes, gourmet foods

fast food, for the 'girl on the go'

using olives (her symbol), or a dish with little prep for those who don't have time to cook

wild game or greens, picnic foods, granola, dishes you could call 'dangerous'

organic, vegan, health foods

soups (think cauldron!), midnight snacks

recipes to 'please your man'

feeding a crowd, or foods you can freeze to use when unexpected guests drop in

desserts made with cocoa, of course!

bring out the grille...cooked over an open flame

seafood, finger foods (ouch, that hurts!)

comfort foods


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Enough thinking about it . . . Time to get started!

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