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Goddess Nut

The Goddess Nut

Goddess Nut

The Egyptian goddess Nut was a sky goddess and wife of Re, the god of the sun and the creator of all. The goddess Nut was known for her incredible beauty and kindness.

Her generous and loving nature was apparently extensive, leading her into affairs with Geb, the god of the earth, and Thoth, the god of divine words.

When Re found out their trysts, he was furious with the goddess Nut. Re issued a curse that his pregnant wife would not give birth to the child within her in any month of any year!

Nut : Mother Goddess

Filled with sorrow that she would never be a mother, Nut turned to Thoth for comfort. Like most males, he couldn't stand to see a woman cry and promised to find a solution.

And that he did! Using his divine powers of persuasion, Thoth talked the Moon into gambling with him. If he won he would get just a little bit of the Moon's light.

The games went on for months, and at the end Thoth had won enough light to create five complete days.

Egyptian mythology

Nut didn't waste a precious moment of those five days. She gave birth to a different child on each day. From that day forward she was called  "Mother of the Gods". 

The extra five days Thoth added to the solar year were devoted to celebrations in honor of the goddess Nut. They were held in late February just before the beginning of the new solar year which previously had been only 360 days in length.

Thanks to the Egyptian Goddess Nut our year came to have 365 days!

* Fair Warning: This isn't a version of the myth you're likely to encounter frequently on the web. It comes from much earlier times and cultures. For a discussion (and a helpful reference) on the migrations of the myths of Re, Nut, and Geb to Egyptian mythology, see Up the Wrong Alley.

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