Goddess Athena

The Goddess Athena

Greek Goddess Athena

Greek Goddess Athena

Goddess of Wisdom

Athena was the ultimate career woman.  As goddess of war, the Greek goddess Athena was a superb warrior; her presence on your side assured a big win. The goddess Minerva was her counterpart in Roman mythology.  

The goddess Athena was a superb strategist and many of the Greek myths recount tales of her help given to various gods, goddesses, and heroes as they went into battle or faced seemingly impossible tests. But the goddess Athena liked  using her wisdom in the role of judge, much preferring to negotiate and problem-solve to keep the peace.

Goddess of Crafts

Talk about multi-talented! She was also known as "Athena, Goddess of Crafts". The goddess Athena was celebrated as the patron of weavers, potters, goldsmiths, sculptors, musicians, and horsemen. She was also credited with inventing the first sailing ship, the yoke and the bridle, as well as the flute and trumpet.

Associated with the city and an urbane lifestyle, during peacetime the Greek goddess Athena utilized her talents overseeing the progress of civilization, including being the patroness of literature and the arts. 

The myths of Athena remind us that thoughtful planning and the marshalling of our resources can help us reach our goals.

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