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Hera, Greek Goddess of Marriage

The Greek goddess Hera was a powerful queen long before her marriage to Zeus, the mighty king of the Olympian gods.  She ruled over the heavens and the earth and was responsible for every aspect of the environment, including the seasons and the weather.

The goddess Hera's name means "Beautiful Lady", and she was loved by all and served as the gracious Queen of the Olympian gods and goddesses. As the goddess of committed love and marriage in Greek mythology, Hera valued her relationship with Zeus above all else.

Hera & Zeus

Though often hurt by her husband's amorous escapades, the  goddess Hera eventually led him achieve the and spiritual union which she yearned for. 

It was for this reason that June is the month  most popular for weddings (Juno was the Roman variation of the Greek goddess Hera. 

Meaning of Hera Myths

More than any of the other Greek goddesses, the goddess Hera represents the fullness of life and reminds us that we can use our own wisdom in the pursuit of any goal we choose.


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