Goddess Persephone

The Goddess Persephone

Goddess Persephone

Greek Goddess Persephone

Innocent Maiden and Queen of the Underworld

 The Greek goddess Persephone represents both the youthful, maiden aspect (innocent and joyous) as well as the more womanly self who, innocence lost and less attached to her parents, can begin to make healthy decisions for herself. 

Persephone & Hades

Carefree and innocent, a young girl-child just approaching adolescence, Persephone was the daughter of Demeter and Zeus. While gathering flowers, she was abducted by Hades and taken to the Underworld to become his queen. 

Although Persephone's beloved mother Demeter eventually secured her release, Persephone managed to insure that she could "have it all"!

Persephone: Meaning of Myths

Persephone spent part of the year above ground with her mother but returned to her husband each winter (for she had grown rather fond of him and enjoyed her role as Queen of the Underworld). Spring represents the return of the eternally youthful Persephone to our world each year. 

The Greek goddess Persephone was also known in her youth as the goddess Kore (or Cora), whose counterpart in mythology is the Roman goddess Prosperina. 

In Greek mythology the goddess Persephone is thought to be the goddess of the soul, the possessor of the psyche's dark, unseen wisdom. But she is brings us all the bright green growth of spring . . .  and all the hope that it brings.


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