Goddess Rhiannon

The Goddess Rhiannon

Celtic Goddess Rhiannon

Rhiannon, Celtic Goddess

Of the Sun, Endurance, and Inspiration

Rhiannon, Celtic goddess of the sun and inspiration, the enchanting fairy princess who rode so swiftly that no horseman could catch her, loved and chose to marry a mortal king of Wales. 

Accused of murdering their infant son, Rhiannon bore her humiliating punishment with a grace and dignity that melted the hearts of her adopted countrymen. 

goddess Rhiannon

Eventually proven innocent, Rhiannon was reunited with her husband and son and restored to her throne. 

Later the Celtic goddess Rhiannon, in some accounts, became the famous Lady of the Lake who, in the legends of Camelot, gave Arthur the magical sword called Excalibur.


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