Goddess Symbols:


Goddess Symbols
and Sacred Objects
of the Greek goddess Demeter

Goddess symbols that were personalized for each goddess were incorporated into the worship of the ancient goddesses were often worn as jewelry. They were also used in the household decor as talismans to seek the goddesses special gifts, blessings, or protection.  A large number of goddess symbols have survived in statuary and other works of art.

Often the symbols of a goddess come from her myths and were "characters" in her story. Other goddess symbols  were derived from the rituals used  in the ancient rites of worship of these pagan goddesses.

Demeter (also known as the goddess Ceres) is often represented by symbols associated with her incredible generosity. It is not surprizing that many of our ikons representing a bountiful harvest originated with  the ancient goddess symbols of Demeter.


goddess symbols Demeter


Goddess Symbols of Demeter


Cornucopia, sheaves of wheat, autumn harvest, torch, bread, honey, and acorns



Cats and dogs (all domestic pets), lions snakes, crane, and  lizards



Poppies, sunflower, cypress, sheaves of wheat, foxglove, daisy, columbine, ash and oak trees



Orange blossom, myrrh, olibanum, civet, patchouli, violet, cloves and cinnamon


Gems and Metals:    

Pearls, star sapphire, catÍs eye, silver, ivory, emerald, sardonyx, carnelian, amber, mercury, and copper



Green, dark brown, gold, navy blue, and pink


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Goddess Quiz: Demeter

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