Aphrodite: Greek goddess of Romance and Beauty

Use the link above to find the myths and symbols of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess who invented romance and set the world alight with love.

Aphrodite: Greek Goddess As usual, Aphrodite is being seductive, this time beckoning you to follow her to another page.

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The Goddess Gift of self-discovery awaits you.   ::   Which goddess are you? An Aphrodite, the captivating goddess of romance and beauty? Take the Goddess Quiz and discover the goddess in you. Aphrodite  ::   artemis  ::   atalanta  ::   greek goddess athena  ::   demeter  ::   demeter  ::   Hera  ::   Hestia  ::   persephone  ::   Psyche Find the goddess stories of: hestia demeter  hecate atalanta  ondine   sophia yemaya amaterasu inanna   rhiannon mazu freya Egyptian goddess nut sedna   Isis hecate   mnemnosyne tara sedna  Amaterasu   kali hera, Greek goddess of marriage parvati   yemaya iambe muses  baubo   ix-chel saint brigid arachne and athena aphrodite  artemis inanna  persephone  psyche   white buffalo calf woman artemis  brigid  bast sophia, goddess of wisdom celtic goddess rhiannon mazu  isis  Amaterasu hestia demeter   athena, greek goddess parvati   sedna   ix-chel   persephone  psyche  white buffalo calf woman    bast (bastet) kali  hera and Zeus frigga   : : : : : :   Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of romance and beauty, corresponding to the Roman goddess Venus. Legend has it that Aphrodite was born from the white foam produced by the severed genitals of Uranus(Heaven) after Cronus (his son) tossed them into the sea. Understandably Aphrodite was also worshiped as a goddess of the sea and of seafaring men, but she was primarily known as a goddess of love and fertility.