Psyche: Greek goddess of Personal Transformation

Find the myths of Psyche, the Greek goddess who transformed her life and found the love she sought,  by following the link above.

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Psyche and the other Greek Goddesses await you here. Find Psyche's goddess myths and symbols and explore the pairing of Psyche and Eros along with other god and goddess pairings in Greek mythology: Inanna  ::     ::   Goddess Isis  ::   Nut  ::   Frigga and Freya  ::   mnemosyne.htm  ::  artemis   ::   Aphrodite  ::    ::   atalanta  ::   greek goddess athena  ::   demeter  ::   demeter  ::   Hera   ondine   brigit   sophia, goddess of wisdom rhiannon mazu (Ma Tsu) Norse goddesses frigga & freya Egyptian goddess nut  Isis and Osiris   mnemnosyne and the muses Hindu goddesses kali, lakshmi, and parvati   sedna yemaya iambe  baubo   ix-chel(ix chel) saint brigid arachne and athena aphrodite (roman goddess venus)  persephone white and green tara   white buffalo calf woman artemis (Roman goddess diane)  brigid  bast sophia, goddess of wisdom inanna : ishtar celtic goddess rhiannon mazu hecate  isis  Amaterasu   goddess parvati   sedna yemaya   ix-chel   persephone  psyche  white buffalo calf woman    bast (bastet) artemis goddess kali  hera   baubo nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp; Psyche After you've read the goddess stories, be sure to take the Goddess Quiz, a scientific online personality test that reveals your goddess type (or take the Greek gods Quiz for men). nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp;