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The Festival of Nine Nights

Ixcacao, Mayan Chocolate Goddess


Celebrating Our Divine Mother

Goddess knows I have tried to fathom the basics of quantum physics.
Goddess knows I have failed.
All that I have for my efforts is a glimmer of understanding that:

Energy is everlasting, imperishable.
It cannot be created. Nor can it be destroyed.
It only changes form. It is always there.

As the energy of the solar system and the earth changes from summer to winter, Hindus throughout the world celebrate the festival of Navaratri which literally means "Nine Nights'.

During the festival of Navaratri the universal Mother energy is invoked as they worship the goddess as the feminine face of God  . . . as 'Durga', the remover of the impurities and the miseries of life. She is also called "Devi" (goddess) and "Shakti" (energy or power).

Recognizing that we need the blessings of three aspects of our divine mother, Navaratri is celebrated in three sets of three days each.

During the first three days, the Mother as Durga is invoked to destroy all our impurities and vices and shortcomings. Then for The next three days, the Mother as Lakshmi is called upon to bless us with inexhaustible wealth. The final set of three days is spent in worshipping the mother in her incarnation as Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom.

A Little Secret: There's actually a 10th day that's sacred to Devi! (It's on Monday the 28th in 2009) and it's considered as the most auspicious day to begin anything new or to sign any important contract.

The 10th day is known as Vijayadashami and it celebrates the Victory of the Divine Mother over the invincible demon Mahishasura (an archetype of Egoism).


Join the celebration.
Open yourself to the goddess energy of the divine mother.
Enjoy this 3 minute meditation as you focus on the eyes of the
mother goddess as you experience this beautiful video and chant
 provided by the talented artist Ananda V.



We are grateful to Ananada for sharing her work and invite you to visit her at  www.anandasart.com to enjoy more of her inspiring work honoring
the goddess whose energy infuses our lives.


Goddess Kali

You think you understand the Goddess?
Even philosophers can not explain her.
The scriptures say that she, herself,
is the essence of us all. It is she, herself,
who brings life through her sweet will.

~ Ramprasad Sen, 18th century Indian poet and songwriter

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In closing,
   a reminder to..

Enjoy the dance of life.

Happy Navaratri,

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