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A Small Change, A Big Benefit for an Athena type

My client Sheri*, who tested as an Athena type when she took the Goddess Quiz,  was an attractive middle-aged woman well known in the community as a talented and successful office manager. She sought counseling because bitter arguments with her husband were threatening to destroy their marriage.

These arguments were often triggered when he shared complaints about something that had happened at work -- an unreasonable deadline, a disagreeable policy, etc.

Their dinner table had literally become a battlefield, destroying the only "quality time" these two busy professionals had together.

When we reviewed her results on the Goddess Quiz Sheri quickly saw the implications of her Athena archetype. She readily agreed that, like the goddess Athena, she was a 'natural problem solver', more an 'idea-person' than a 'nurturer'. And she saw how she was inclined to automatically take the side of authority, institutions and their policies.

After all, it was just these Athena strengths that had made her such a successful manager at work and at home.

Once Sheri recognized her Athena-nature, she found it easy to curb her tendency to "take charge" when her husband started to make complaints about his job.

Instead of trying to make him feel better by showing him how to "fix" the problem at work or giving him more "rational" ways to think about the situation, Sheri could intentionally step back and provide the "emotional support" her husband was really seeking, saying something more along the lines of "Poor baby, that must have been awful for you" instead of "OK, here's exactly what you need to do!"

Happily, Sheri soon reported she had been able to do all this without feeling that her own ideas or identity were being compromised.  As their arguments diminished, other areas of their relationship began to improve.

No surprise there since her husband now felt more supported and less defensive.

A small change, but a BIG result . . .

* Name has been changed to protect client's identity.

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