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The free monthly newsletter not only features the myths of the goddesses but women's spirituality, humor and interesting ways to bring more "goddess-ness" into your daily life as a contemporary woman.

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Previous issues have featured Greek goddesses, Egyptian goddesses, and other feminine dieties. Explore their myths and symbols:  nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp;  inanna    nut rhiannon   Caffeina    Norse goddess Freya  nut   isis and horus  mazu   mnemnosyne and the  muses     Amaterasu      the Greek goddess of love and marriage   hestia, goddess of hearth and home    demeter   hecate   beltane    brigit     iambe    sophia, goddess of wisdom    Venus   amaterasu   kali   parvati    sedna   yemaya, iambe   baubo   ix-chel butterfly goddess,   ix chel bast   saint brigid  yemaya  hecate, goddess of witchcraft   isis  mazu   mnemnosyne  muses     Amaterasu      hestia    demeter   hecate     brigit  athena hera   and zeis  pagan holidays    sedna   yemaya   moon goddesses    ix-chel    ma tsu  arachne : : : :  artemis   frigga persephone    psyche  white buffalo calf woman    bast  basthet  atalanta  ondine  tara    ix chel    arachne and athena      aphrodite   persephone    psyche   white and green tara   white buffalo calf woman   artemis, greek goddess of the hunt  brigid  bast  sophia, goddess of wisdom  inanna  brigid   celtic goddess rhiannon  aphrodite  mazu  frigga  artemis  kali     baubo  freya  nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp; Check out the Greek Gods Quiz and the popular Goddess Quiz that reveals your personal goddess type and connects you with the goddess within you.nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp;