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Sharon Turnbull author of Goddess Quiz Online

I'm Sharon, the founder of The Goddess Path and creator of the popular online personality test, the Goddess Quiz.

As a psychologist and a woman who’s faced her "fair share" of challenges in life, I'm excited to introduce you to the Goddess Quiz - one of the most exciting and innovative personality tests on the web today.

It’s a unique tool that brings you the gift of self-discovery and can give you amazing levels of personal fulfillment in the process.

What's So Special About the Goddess Quiz?

Get ready. We're going to introduce you to the Goddess Quiz, an online personality test that reveals your inner goddess, the goddess whose personality most closely resembles your own. 17 Goddess Types on the Goddess Quiz: Which Type Are You?

But it doesn't stop there--it's also full of highly individualized, in-depth information about your personality.

Weaving together the assessment of your personality traits and those of your goddess archetype, your Goddess Report will be useful, intriguing, and ... absolutely unique because it's all about you.

You're probably skeptical. I get that. That's healthy and normal.

But let me show you how we can feel comfortable making that claim:

What The Goddess Quiz Can Do For You

Your personality is the single most important factor in determining how you respond to life's challenges.

The Goddess Quiz help you understand:

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::The Goddess Has A Journey For You ::
And It Promises To Be Interesting

Though the Goddess Report was designed to be fascinating, even entertaining, its contents can be life changing.

Let me share one example that shows just how simple, yet powerful, the results can be.

To the best of our knowledge the Goddess Quiz is the only online personality test of its kind available--one that spans the modern science of personality assessment and the fascinating field of mythology, a powerful combination of science and storytelling.

We are committed to making each report as interesting and as unique as the individual who takes it.

Fascinating, Fun and unForgettable

Does the Goddess Quiz do everything? No, it won't do the vacuuming, pay the rent, find a good babysitter, but it certainly does a lot:

  • It's an e-book titled All About You! What could be more fun than that! An enjoyable read experience awaits you as we turn the spotlight on you and illuminate how the myths of the goddesses live on, re-enacted in the patterns of your life.

  • Talk about detail! (and uncanny accuracy) You get the information you need to define your goals and negotiate any obstacles in your path.

  • Increases your awareness of your behaviors and their impact on others, bringing your behavior under conscious control so you can avoid problems and improve your relationships.  For example Sheri wrote us saying, "you saved our marriage".  Read Sheri's story.

  • Your effectiveness as a parent, and as a mate, improves when you understand and appreciate the personality differences between you, even ones that have resulted in disappointment and conflict in the past.

  • Saves you time and energy when you're searching for a partner or a job. Validates your excellent choices if you've been lucky. And, if not, it makes it easier to clarify and communicate your wants/needs and get them met.

  • Stressed out about being stressed Out? Your Goddess Report helps you recognize the types of things that are most stressful to you. Identifying the sources of stress in your life helps bullet-proof your health.

  • Shores up self-confidence. When you understand and embrace the person you truly are, your self-confidence increases. And that increases your effectiveness . . . especially important if you have a personality type that is undervalued in your 'tribe' (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) or your culture.To see an example visit A Goddess Makeover :: Life-Changing Results.

  • The Goddess Quiz removes the tedium of yet another self-improvement project that "feels like work". It shows both your strengths and your limitations. (We don't sugar-coat' anything, but we do help you see how your limitations can be turned into strengths.) Enthusiasm replaces the drudgery. How big a win is that?

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    Discover Your Personal Goddess Type

    Here’s a link you can use to see the wealth of detailed information about your personality that the Goddess Quiz reveals and get a sense of how it could impact the major areas of your life.

    You'll probably want to share your report with friends and family, so be sure to save or print a copy. Ditto if you plan to use your new understandings for personal growth and spiritual development, since you’ll want to use it as a guide refer back to from time to time.

    And it's all yours for a very reasonable cost.

    Your small investment of only $23.75 gets you the Goddess Quiz, your Goddess Report . . .

    AND these free gifts.

    Bonus #1: Special Report, "Free, Fascinating, Fun Personality Tests"
    Your guide to some of the most entertaining, insightful, and just 'downright fun' tests that are available on the web today. Enjoy!

    Bonus #2: Share The Goddess With A Friend -- 30% Discount on Gift Certificates Here's an opportunity to share the experience with your friends. Order a gift certificate for the Goddess Quiz/Report that allows a friend to discover HER goddess within. We even have a Greek Gods Quiz for the man in your life. It's the perfect gift and suitable for any occasion.

    Bonus #3: Goddess Art Cards
    Goddess Art Cards Beautiful and mysterious . . . goddess symbols (powerful symbols of transformation and rebirth) float in her lovely head. Yours to download and print. Use as a greeting card, mini-poster or make your own meditation cards.

    Bonus #4: Free* CD-ROM: "The Book of Shadows"
    We'll refer you to a source that will send you a full-length e-book on CD "Book of Shadows" for just the cost of shipping and handling. ($5 USD)

    Bonus #5: Goddess Screensaver to Soothe Your Soul Goddess Gift Screensaver
    Empower your efforts to consciously create an abundant life by bringing this stunning and inspiring Goddess Screensaver to your PC or Mac. When struggling with the challenges and stresses of contemporary life, allow its serene beauty to gently remind you to live always with purpose and spirit.

    Bonus #6: Your Own Personal Digital 'Goddess Seal' Proudly "out" your inner goddess, by placing your Goddess Seal on your website or your online profile at a social networking site like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

    Declare Your Goddess Type with these Badges

    We'll give you the code and image to make it all happen.

    Transformation Guarantee

    guarentee seal

    The Goddess Quiz is not just about fun, it's about helping you change your life forever, giving you a completely new perspective on your life and arming you with powerful ways you can face life's challenges with unbridled energy and enthusiasm. If at the end of the year you're not seeing the difference in yourself, just email us your request for a full refund. And you can keep the bonuses!

    It's Techno-proof:

    Well almost, anyway! After all, cats DO walk across keyboards at the darndest times and ditto for power outages and calls from the school nurse to come right away. But we've got you covered!

    No matter w hat unforeseen calamity interrupts your getting your Goddess Report, we'll be there to make things right again. Our Customer Care Rocks! Promise.

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    Thanks for taking the time to read this and . . . when you're ready,
    I hope you'll choose to take the Goddess Quiz and start living
    like the goddess you are.

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    Bestselling author of Goddess Gift: Discover Your Goddess Type

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