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The Goddess Quiz

"The Goddess Quiz is
n owner's manual
and a goddess-send.
No woman should be
without it!"
  ~Melanie Absher
Imagine a woman . . .
a woman in touch
with her ancient feminine powers,
sure of herself,
ready to love, laugh, and to live—
a woman in tune with her inner goddess.

That's a woman with goddess-power!


Unleash the goddess within!

Would you like to:

  • Trust yourself more,

  • Live your life with passion and purpose, and

  • Discover a delightful sense of adventure and play?

I'm Sharon Turnbull, educational psychologist and team leader here at The Goddess Path.

I'm also a woman who has faced her 'fair share' of challenges in life, so I'm excited to have this chance to introduce you to one of the most exciting innovations on the web today--the Goddess Quiz.

Sharon Turnbull, Ph.D.
 Author of the popular
Goddess Quiz online.

A Fast and Fun Quiz that's SO MUCH MORE.......

We know it -- quizzes are fun! It's human nature, really.  We're the only species endowed with the capacity for endless introspection and we love to find out new things about ourselves.

Why do you think we spend so much time filling out the quizzes we find in magazines and on the web -- everything from "What's Your Kissing Style?" to "Which Star Wars Character Are You?"  Inquiring minds want to know!

And what could be more fun than discovering your personal connection to a legendary goddess who's been rockin' the world since the beginning of time?

Which goddess sounds most like you?  Are you a cool-headed, logical Athena? A sizzling, red-hot Aphrodite type? Or a compassionate Demeter?  Click here for a brief snapshot of all eighteen goddesses.

See how much fun these contemporary goddesses are having:

Our Goddess Gathering was A REAL BLAST!! We printed our reports
without looking at them, then shuffled them all. Everyone picked one
to read out loud then we guessed whose report it was.

Lots of ribbing, of course.  And boy did you ever have us pegged!
A BIG thanks for our best Girls-Night-Out ever!

~ Darla Underwood (An Athena Type)


~ ~ ~

Carla thinks the Goddess Quiz is one of the best.

And she oughta' know!

~ ~ ~





"I admit I'm a personality test junkie. I think I've taken just about every test on the web.  The Goddess Quiz was
really awesome!"

~ Carla Sanders


Let Your Goddess Personality Shine Through

The Goddess Quiz helps you discover the goddess whose personality most closely resembles your own. This goddess holds the key to your inner power. Because, without a doubt, your personality is the single most important factor in determining how you respond to life's challenges. It drives the success of your career, your relationships, your health and your happiness. It's what "makes you tick."

The Goddess Report will show you how to apply your goddess personality to your work, life and relationships, allowing you to express yourself as the woman you were meant to be.

Use this guidance to:

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Tap into your natural gifts - the strengths of your personality type
  • Deal successfully with situations that are currently difficult for you

"You may have just
saved our marriage!"

 ~ Sherri *


*Read the story of how the Goddess Quiz turned an Athena's dining room from a war-zone into a candlelit dinner.


" My experience with the Goddess Quiz has been life changing. In the past, I would always be seconding-guessing myself and sabotaging my happiness with self-blame, shame and guilt.  It made my life so stressful.

My report showed me how to embrace my personal qualities, even though they made me different from everybody else. And I learned to quiet the voice of that "inner critic" whose messages robbed me of most of my confidence.

But, best of all, I learned to be my own best friend because regardless of the people you have around you - The best person to love and nurture you is yourself!"

 ~ Stephany Grassett


Imagine a Complete Goddess Makeover

In his book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Deepak Chopra writes that within each of us is the seed of a god/goddess waiting to come to life – and our archetype is the cosmic blueprint of our seed. Discover your primary archetype and bring it to life, he says, and you speed up - and make easier - the process of revealing and fulfilling your deepest desires

Imagine if you could:

  • Know the truth about who you are and what you really need and desire
  • Trust your instincts and rely on your inborn strengths
  • Unleash the power of who you really are
  • Reclaim your purpose and passion
  • Love yourself and put yourself first
  • Confidently express your strengths and talents in your life, work and relationships

That's what a Goddess Makeover did for Joni - read her story to discover how she found fulfillment living out her Hestia goddess type.  Read the story of Joni.

Anita Ryan-Revel
"The Chakra Goddess"

  How does a modern gal reconnect with the ancient goddess energy? The Goddess Quiz proves it's a simple and enriching process.' Poor little old me' becomes 'hellooo GODDESS!'

Hundreds of my site's members have been transformed by the Goddess Quiz, and the feedback I get is absolutely wonderful!!

The Goddess Quiz "nails" the quintessential foundation of every woman and reveals her persona in the form of an archetypal goddess.

Time and time again my members remark how accurate and insightful this Quiz really is.

Have some fun and
unleash your inner goddess!


What Will The Goddess Report Tell Me?

Your 20+ page Goddess Report will tell you everything you need for your journey on the Goddess Path to a fulfilling, authentic life.

The Goddess Report: Table of Contents

Goddesses and Personal Archetypes

o How to Use Your Personal Goddess Report
An explanation of how your goddess archetype influences the patterns of your life and the nature of your 'goddess gifts', the temperament you were given at birth.

o Your Personal Goddess Type:  The Myths of Your Goddess and Her Symbols
You will discover which goddess shares YOUR personality type, your archetype, and includes  her myths and symbols.

Your Goddess Archetype

o Characteristics of Your Goddess
Her characteristics and the typical characteristics and personality traits of women who share her goddess type.

o Your Personal Characteristics
Your personal characteristics and traits and what they mean -- how you resemble 'your goddess' and the ways in which you don't. A detailed analysis of how you rank on 25 different personality traits, describing you with uncanny accuracy.

o How Your Goddess Type's Mind Works
How your mind works (your preferred thinking and learning styles)

o Your Goddess At Work
How your goddess type performs at work, including a list of careers that are "good matches" for your goddess type. Find a job you love . . . or learn to love the job you're in!

Your Goddess in Relationships
Offers an in-depth view of our most important relationships and how our archetype influences the way we form our relationships with our loved ones. . . our mates, our parents, and our children. Provides a positive framework for managing the natural differences between people, differences that so often end in disappointment or conflict.

o Your Goddess Type as a Child
o Your Goddess Type as a Parent
o Your Goddess Type and Your Mate

Your Goddess Under Stress: Typical ways your type functions under stress, Characteristic negative thoughts (fears and anxieties) that produce stress for you and the vulnerable areas of the body and major health issues for your goddess type.

Your Personal Goddess Path

o Your Goddess Allies: The two goddesses who are your "Goddess Allies." These are your secondary goddess types, ones that you can call upon to help you with situations that are difficult for your inborn goddess type.

o Recognizing Your Missing Goddess: Your 'missing goddess' (the neglected/rejected part of your personality) and what you need to do to keep her from wreaking havoc in your life.

o Approaching the Triple Goddess:
How to use your new knowledge of your goddess type as a tool for personal growth and development.

o Ways to Grow for Your Goddess Type: Specific suggestions for activities you can do to strengthen your own goddess type or to tap into the energies of the other goddess types.

Lissa Bergin-Boles and Randy Boles
Coaching for the Soul Full Filled Life

  EUREKA! It’s SoulFullFilledLiving’s First Great New Find

We are constantly on the search for great tools that make the process of living a more joyful, satisfying Soulthentically Full Filled Life easier, faster and more effective - and we’ve found one!

The Goddess Quiz – and the accompanying (and substantial) report – came highly recommended by a client who found it exceptionally revealing and helpful in her process, so Randy and I tried it, LOVED IT, and declared it our first GREAT NEW FIND!

The quiz is easy to do, takes about 15 minutes ...it's one of the best 'You mean I'm supposed to be like this?' tools on the web (not to mention one of the best bargains.)

                      Order the Personality Test                           

What Sets the Goddess Quiz Apart From Other Personality Tests?

Here at the Goddess Path we are pioneers in the field of online testing in archetypal psychology. Our innovative quiz weds the modern science of personality assessment with the fascinating field of mythology, bridging the gaps between science and storytelling.

Here's where other quizzes fail to deliver:

  1. They're too generic and don't reflect that you are truly unique. Many personality tests just assign you to a personality type and tell you the characteristics of the typical (average) person who falls into that type, never letting you know how you're different from the average.

  2. They're too limited. We contemporary goddesses live complicated lives. A good personality test  should encompass all of the important roles we play, guiding us through work, life and relationships.

  3. They coddle you and ignore your limitations. None of us are perfect, and you need to hear it straight. Our personality quiz suggests how to draw on your strengths AND how to minimize the impact of your weaknesses.

  4. They're too expensive. You'll find hundreds, even thousands of respectable companies on the web offering you one of the major personality tests for a fee . . . sometimes a substantial one. Sure, the tests they use are scientifically sound and have been around for a few decades and thousands of people have used them to improve their lives. But should you have to pay $100s of dollars for them? Absolutely not!

The Goddess Quiz Delivers

* It's detailed and unique. Your 20+ page Goddess Report outlines 18 distinct personality types (goddess types, including the one whose traits you share -- and explains how you compare.

* It's comprehensive. Your Goddess Report reveals, with uncanny accuracy, details about you and your goddess type at work, in your family and in relationships.

* It's transformative. Your Goddess Report describes your characteristic stress responses and suggests how to react to challenging situations in a healthier way.

* And much, much more! See the Goddess Report: Table of Contents above.

And it's all yours for a very reasonable cost. Your small investment of only $23.75 gets you the quiz, your Goddess Report AND these free gifts.

For a limited time, you'll receive the following bonuses when you purchase your quiz:

Bonus #1: Special Report, "Free, Fascinating, Fun Personality Tests"

Your guide to some of the most entertaining, insightful, and just "downright" fun tests that are available on the web today.  Enjoy!

Bonus #2: Share The Goddess With A Friend -- 30% Discount on Gift Certificates

Here's an opportunity to share the experience with your friends. Order a gift certificate for the Goddess Quiz/Report that allows a friend to discover HER goddess within. We even have a Greek Gods Quiz for the man in your life. It's the perfect gift and suitable for any occasion.

Bonus #3: Goddess Art Cards

Beautiful and mysterious . . . goddess symbols (powerful symbols of transformation and rebirth) float in her lovely head. Yours to download and print.  

Use as a greeting card, mini-poster or make your own meditation cards.


Goddess Gift Art Card

Bonus #4: Free* CD-ROM: "The Book of Shadows"

We'll refer you to a source that will send you a full-length e-book on CD "Book of Shadows" for just the cost of shipping and handling. ($5 USD)

Bonus #5: Goddess Screensaver to Soothe Your Soul




Empower your efforts to consciously create an abundant life by bringing this stunning and inspiring Goddess Screensaver to your PC or Mac.

When struggling with the challenges and stresses of contemporary life, allow its serene beauty to gently remind you to live always with purpose and spirit.

Bonus #6: Your Own Personal Digital 'Goddess Seal'

Proudly "out" your inner goddess, by placing your Goddess Seal on your website or your online profile at a social networking site like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

We'll give you the code and image to make it all happen.
goddess quizzes badge

By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our unique guarantee:

Transformation Guarantee

The Goddess Quiz is not just about fun, it's about helping you change your life forever, giving you a completely new perspective on your life and arming you with powerful ways you can face life's challenges with unbridled energy and enthusiasm.

When you take the Goddess Quiz, you'll have an entire year to use the information and recommendations in your report to start changing your life. If at the end of the year you're not seeing the difference in yourself, just email us your request for a full refund!


          transformation guaranteed

And you can keep the bonuses!

It's Techno-proof: Well almost, anyway! After all, cats DO walk across keyboards at the darndest times and ditto for power outages and calls from the school nurse to come right away.

But we've got you covered! No matter what unforeseen calamity interrupts your getting your Goddess Report, we'll be there to make things right again. Our Customer Care Rules! Promise.

Take the Goddess Quiz Now


Thanks for taking the time to read this . . . and when you're ready,

I hope you'll choose to take the Goddess Quiz and start living like the goddess you are.


Sharon Turnbull, Ph.D.
Bestselling author of Goddess Gift: Discover Your Goddess Type

P.S. Have more questions? Feel free to contact me using the link below.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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