Goddess Gift


PayPal usually automatically takes you to start the Goddess Quiz or Greek Gods Quiz after you've paid . So don't leave the screen until you've gotten your quiz. If the quiz doesn't come up in 20 seconds or so, click on the link on that page.

If you've paid with a credit card instead of a PayPal account:

PayPal may divert youáto a thank you page instead of the usual page that takes you to the quiz. They will ask you if you want to create a PayPal account..

Now is not the time to do that...You need to get to that page that delivers the Quiz..

Just click the 'Return to Goddess Path' button to go to the quiz!

Need help?

Just Contact the Goddesses

Enjoy your Quiz and Report!

Paying By Card?
Am Extra Step

Here's an example of the thank you page that shows you exactly what you need to do to get redirected to the quiz you paid for:

Example of Link to the God or Goddess quizzes

Don't apply for a PayPal account right now. You need to click the 'Return to Merchant' or 'Return to Goddess Path' button instead of taking any other action.