The Goddess Quiz
Report: Table of Contents

Goddesses and Personal Archetypes

o How to Use Your Personal Goddess Report
An explanation of how your goddess archetype influences the patterns of your life and the nature of your 'goddess gifts', the temperament you were given at birth.

o Your Personal Goddess Type:  The Myths of Your Goddess and Her Symbols
You will discover which goddess is YOUR personal archetype, as well as her myths and symbols.

Your Goddess Archetype

o Characteristics of Your Goddess
The typical characteristics and personality traits of women who share your goddess type.

o Your Personal Characteristics
Your personal characteristics and traits and what they mean -- how you resemble 'your goddess' and the ways in which you don't. A detailed analysis of how you rank on 25 different personality traits, describing you with uncanny accuracy.

o How Your Goddess Type's Mind Works
How your mind works (your preferred thinking and learning styles)

o Your Goddess At Work
How your goddess type performs at work, including a list of careers that are "good matches" for your goddess type. Find a job you love . . . or learn to love the job you're in!

Your Goddess in Relationships
Offers an in-depth view of our most important relationships and how our archetype influences the way we form our relationships with our loved ones. . . our mates, our parents, and our children. Provides a positive framework for managing the natural differences between people, differences that so often end in disappointment or conflict.

o Your Goddess as a Child
o Your Goddess as a Parent
o Your Goddess and Your Mate

Your Goddess Under Stress: Typical ways your type functions under stress, Characteristic negative thoughts (fears and anxieties) that produce stress for you and the vulnerable areas of the body and major health issues for your goddess type.

Your Personal Goddess Path

o Your Goddess Allies: The two goddesses who are your "Goddess Allies." These are your secondary goddess types, ones that you can call upon to help you with situations that are difficult for your inborn goddess type.

o Recognizing Your Missing Goddess: Your 'missing goddess' (the neglected/rejected part of your personality) and what you need to do to keep her from wreaking havoc in your life.

o Approaching the Triple Goddess:
How to use your new knowledge of your goddess type as a tool for personal growth and development.

o Ways to Grow for Your Goddess Type: Specific suggestions on activities you can do to strengthen your own goddess type or to tap into the energies of the other goddess types.

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