Aromatherapy Oils

Using Essential Oils
for Health
and Wellness

Essential Oils in the Goddess Blends

BALSAM: Promotes a sense of health and wellness with it warming, opening, comforting, and soothing properties.

BASIL: Warming and toning. Restores peace of mind and counteracts depression. Clarifying, uplifting, energizing.  

BERGAMOT:  Clarifying, uplifting, energizing, cooling, and refreshing. Reduces tension, stress, and irritability. Instills a determination to succeed and supports by giving a sense of  confidence and well-being.

CEDARWOOD: Brings strong sense of identity and encourages interaction with others. Good for nervous tension, and anxiety.

FRANKINCENSE: Helps you prioritize the things in your life to bring more satisfaction and happiness. Helps relieve stress, tension, anxiety. Useful for meditation.

GERANIUM: Refreshes and relaxes you, helps enable you to release past achievements, fears, and mood swings so you can move on with your life and enjoy it.

GRAPEFRUIT: Stimulating and refreshing, uplifting and nourishing positive emotions.  Grapefruitís aroma inspires and clears the mind. Like other citrus oils, it  helps to eliminate emotional confusion and increase one's sense of humor and well-being. Popular oil to help with weight loss. 

HEATHER: Creates good spirits while increasing the sensitivity to others, helps with listening skills. Overcomes feelings of loneliness and isolation.

HO LEAF: Pleasing, comforting, warming. Aphrodisiac, and very soothing to the mind. Balances the emotions.

JASMINE: Encourages acceptance of lifeís experiences, promoting relaxation and enjoyment. Provides a sense of confidence and well-being. Useful for easing feelings of sadness, trauma and grief. Reduces anxiety, nervousness, apathy/withdrawal. Eases anger and is a gentle aphrodisiac.

LAVENDER: Accents sensitivity and helps you make the most of new situations. Aids self-expression, especially for the easily embarrassed or shy. Helps ease anger, anxiety, nervousness, stress, and insomnia.

 LEMON: Helps you to honor and care for your self, encourages self-respect. Assists you in becoming aware of othersí responses to situations so new possibilities will open up for you. An energizer.

LEMONGRASS: Refreshing and rejuvenating. Stimulating and balancing. Its aroma inspires and brings fresh energy, clears the mind.

LIME: Refreshing and rejuvenating. Brings fresh energy, clears the mind. Citrus oils help to eliminate emotional confusion and increase ones sense of humor and well-being. 

LOTUS BLOSSOM: Serene and peaceful, this essential oil promotes a sense of protection. Calming and tranquil.

MARJORAM: Warming, comforting, and calming. Soothes internal turmoil and irritability, creating peace of mind and helping to heal emotional wounds.

MAY CHANG: Refreshing and rejuvenating. Stimulating and balancing. Its aroma inspires and brings fresh energy, clears the mind.

 MUHUHU: Helps you come up with fresh solutions to problems. Creates a wider vision of life. Aids meditation, gentle aphrodisiac qualities.

ORANGE: Helps you to get things done, overcome laziness and a tendency to overindulge. Promotes a sense of confidence, optimism and purpose.

PALMAROSA: Balancing, relaxing, inspiring, comforting. Symbolizes passion, romance, sympathy and luxury. Refreshing and rejuvenating.  

PATCHOULI: Instills calmness and peace of mind. Well known for its aphrodisiac properties

PEPPERMINT: Helps break with the past, strengthens resolve and courage for next step. Good for mental clarity in times of transition.

 PINE: Breaks through rigidity and encourages flexibility. Helps relieve fear, anxiety, tightness. An energizer.

ROCK ROSE: Restorative, refreshing and stimulating. Calms fears. Fortifying and warming. An aid to meditation.

ROSE: Symbolizes passion, romance, and luxury. Rose opens the heart and is often used in aromatherapy to enhance a woman's sense of femininity. Balancing, calming, comforting, and inspiring.

ROSEWOOD: Comforting, warming, and pleasing, this essential oil is very soothing to the mind and helps to balance the emotions. Aphrodisiac.

ROSEMARY: Unblocks emotions and improves mental clarity and memory. Helps you stop retreating into intellectual activity to avoid contact with others and intimacy. A mental energizer.

SANDALWOOD: Helps you come up with innovative solutions for breaking repetitive patterns in your life, creates wider vision of life. Reduces anxiety, tension and nervousness. Assists with meditation.

SPEARMINT: A mental stimulant that refreshes while it energizes, promotes a sense of well-being. Helps with mental fatigue and reduces feelings of stress.

VANILLA:  A sensual aphrodisiac. Comforting and relaxing. Said to help with menstrual problems.

VETIVER:  Deeply relaxing and comforting, "grounding". Take it with you when  you travel. Helps to find peace of mind and accept lifeís challenges.

 YLANG YLANG: Helps you let go and enjoy yourself. Relax, re-prioritize and enjoy! Good for anxiety, high blood pressure, stress. Eases anger, stress, and nervousness. Acts as an aphrodisiac.