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White Buffalo Bliss Meditation Mist
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"I use "Bliss" to calm myself and to meditate as I easily slip into a profound meditation whenever I use it."
~Debra, New York

"The White Buffalo Bliss induces a profound sense of relaxation and energy"
~DeVin Mikles, MD

"This essence brought joy to my heart for the first time in months, and helped me to let go of old emotional baggage! Thank you!"
~J.M. Arizona


 "I was air sick. After spraying White Buffalo Bliss around my head my nausea immediately vanished."
~Patricia, Arizona

"I mist my 2 year old and my baby when they are ‘losing it’ and they become instantly peaceful, letting o of whatever was bothering them". What a blessing!" ~Angelica, Houston

"I decided to try the 'Bliss' formula on my cat who hates to have his nails clipped; 20 minutes after the spray he rolled over and let me clip them without resistance!"


White Buffalo  Mist : $17

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