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White Buffalo Woman Bliss
Meditation Mist

White Buffalo Bliss aura spray was Inspired by the Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman and the birth of four white buffalo in Arizona. 
It has been prophesized that when White Buffalo Calf Woman returns to earth she will bring the gifts of tranquility, unity, harmony, and joy.


To honor the return of the White Buffalo in Flagstaff, Sedona Sacred Essences created this powerful vibration essence that was patterned after the strong healing vibrations of the White Buffalo. Since the birth of the White Buffalo, people from all over the world have traveled to feel its grounding and  healing energy.

Read the legend of  White Buffalo Calf Woman.
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White Buffalo Bliss

Aura Spray for Body and Mind

Soothe the Goddess Within

Price:  $17    


  • 1/2 oz., unscented, comes in cobalt blue glass bottle with mister
  • use to bring forth creative and psychic energy during meditation and ceremony
  • may be used for calming adults, children, and animals
  • created by Sedona Sacred Essences near Flagstaff, home of the White Buffalo
  • for external use only
  • part of the proceeds of your purchase helps support the care of the White Buffalo in Flagstaff, Arizona

Directions: Mist White Buffalo Bliss around your head, heart area and on your palms.(and even the soles of your feet). It will immediately create a positive shift in your aura's energy, bringing grounding and calmness. You can use weekly as energetic effects persist for several days.

White Buffalo Bliss
Price:  $17 

White Buffalo  Mist : $17

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