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  Goddess jewelry, pendants, statues, scented oil & diffuser, books,
e-books and the popular Goddess Quiz online. . . . all treasures
that are divinely inspired.   Enjoy!


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all treasures that are divinely inspired.
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Divinely inspired . . . The Goddess Shop  









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Goddess Shop

The Goddess Shop helps
you grow your goddess powers
by activating the presence of
the goddesses in your life
with gifts that lend magic and
meaning to each and every day.

Welcome to Goddess Gifts
. . . 
a unique shopping experience designed to nurture
   all the goddesses within 
. . .

The Goddess Shop features items to honor and activate the goddess within
and to invoke her supportive presence in your life.

Explore the Goddess Collections.
Browse to  find the treasures that honor your goddess type.
Or strengthen the presence of the other goddesses in your life. 

Don't know your goddess type? Take the Goddess Quiz and find out.
(Just click on "Discover Your Goddess Type: Take the Goddess Quiz" " below.) 


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