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Wicca and Pagan Supplies for all your wiccan, pagan, shaman, voodoo, spiritual and other metaphysical goods and information.

Free Psychic Phone Reading - Free Tarot Readings
Personal Psychic is an online psychic readings company, providing telephone reading, free psychic chat, free tarot reading services by chat, video, phone, or email in relationships on love, and marriage.

o'Gills, One of Ireland's leading shopping sites online. Delightful online shop based in Dublin Ireland. We have searched the entire island of Ireland to bring to you quality Celtic jewelry, gifts, art, symbols, designs and more.

Sojourn - Glass Balls & Jewelry Offering a wide collection of hand made glass jewelry, glass
balls, wine accessories, bookmarks and glass gifts at exceptional prices.

41 Questions  Answer 41 Questions to learn your personality type. Personality test uses a Myers-Briggs/Jungian typology.

The Goddess Blog   All about love, romance, soul mates, intimacy, sexuality, dating, psychic awareness, the goddess and the nudist lifestyle.

Natal Moon Sign & Lunar Phase Calculations - Have your Natal Moon Phase and Sign calculated and interpreted.

Horoscope & Astrology Star Sign Readings - Douglas has gained his astrological experience through doing thousands of astrological star sign readings over the past 25 years. Douglas main interests in astrology are: reading horoscopes (birth charts); reading what has happened in his clients past and predicting their future; and explaining compatibility problems between people.


Recommends the  best websites on god and goddess mythology. Links.
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Inner Goddess books. Developing site.
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Information about the release of Goddess Gift: Discover Your Goddess Type (book).
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