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Want to bring more Hera qualities into your life?
Everything you do to acknowledge your own needs
while honoring your commitments
will help enlarge the influence of Hera.
Some suggestions follow:

Surprize your partner w
ith a romantic retreat. Book a room at a local hotel, and make it an evening to remember!

Make your home a sacred space. Hera felt at peace in her home and knew its value in keeping her filled with energy. So you hate housework? Make it more enjoyable by doing it as a meditation to Hera. Commit 30 minutes each week to doing one thing to bring a feeling of peace and beauty into your home, even if it's only reorganizing the medicine cabinet or putting a potted plant on the windowsill .

Practice the Rule of 3's in your relationships. For every "negative" thing that you are about to say (criticism), be sure that you have delivered three positive statements (i.e."warm fuzzies") before you ask for change.  And if the relationship hasn't been flourishing lately, make that ratio 8 to 1! Remember that it wasn't Hera's constant complaining that won Zeus' heart, but her playful reinforcements.

Take time to really focus your attention on someone you care about, listening to them with your whole heart.

Memories are often the cement that holds relationships together. So dust off the photo albums. Pull out the images of a special trip or event and bring the memories of your most cherished moments into the light. Turn them over in your mind, polishing them until they glow. Then share them with your loved one, "Remember the time when we . . . ?" 
Even a real crisis can evoke good memories, " I was thinking  how good it made me feel that you were standing behind me 100% that time when . . . " 



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No matter how busy you might be, set aside some time each day to really connect with someone you really care about...take just a few minutes to give them your full attention and some quiet appreciation. You'll find yourself a much more loving and desirable person.

Convert your own bathroom, no matter how tiny, into a pleasure center. After all, Hera was known as the goddess of the spa. Buy a stock of luxurious bath salts and oils.. Find the  thickest towels you can afford. Luxuriate in the tub, surrounded by the glow of scented candles and you can appreciate Hera's healing presence in your life!

Know what you want and ask for it, especially in important relationships. But don't be afraid to let go,  if like Hera, your affection or commitment is not being returned. When you need to cut your losses and channel your energy in  more rewarding ways, visualize what you want to happen and repeat it often . . . until your positive thoughts become a habit, and your intentions a reality!

Don't be afraid to speak your mind and let everyone else know what pleases you (and what doesn't). Everyone knew just where they stood with Hera, and they should with you as well.

Learn to reach out and touch those you care about, not in a sexual way, but with great love and affection. The skin is the largest sense organ in the body and the most often neglected.

Reach out and let others know how you feel about them and what you expect of them (or hope for) in your relationships, even if it means risking embarassment or rejection.

Like Hera, support and work to improve the public institutions in your community. Give of your time, energy, or money, but make it a point to leave the world a better place for others.

Surround yourself with
Hera 's symbols. Think of her with appreciation as you dress in her colors and put on your diamond earrings. Keep a peacock feather hanging on the foot of your bed.  Buy yourself a tiara and wear it around the house until you begin to feel like a Queen!

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