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The Goddess Speaks Out
~ Telling Our Truths ~

Greek Goddess Athena

The Goddess Arachne

Goddesses throughout the world sit at their spinning wheels, weaving up the cycles. The cycle of the days, the cycle of the seasons, and the cycle of life itself.

Today is the autumnal Equinox and it brings the official 'end of summer' and the beginning of the new year based on the natural cycles of the earth, what I like to think of as 'Goddess Time'.

It's no secret that I often look at what's going on in my own life for a sign from the goddess about what this month's newsletter is supposed to be about. This month the message came on the backs of beasties.

Sometimes the journey that the goddess has for you isn't the one you'd been hoping for.

And last month the goddess sent her messengers -- a passel of spiders (they must be thriving in the damp weather we've had) and a virus, not just one but two! The first for my computer (Yecch!) and then another one to wipe MY own hard-drive clean. . . yep, the H1N1, the dreaded swine flu has definitely hit us here in the mountains.

Thankfully neither was too bad, but I spent most of the month laid low and humbled. Now I'm ready to talk about The Truth.

Have you ever had the experience of somebody unexpectedly making an appearance just when you've got that 'poor me thing' going on . . . and when what they have to say gives you a whole new way of looking at your situation? 

Just in the nick of time a beautiful message from Neale Donald Walsch about the cycles of life arrived in my mailbox in time to rescue me from wallowing in my misery. Here's what he said:

Give it time. That is all that may be required. Just give it time. Do not try to push the river. The cycles of life present themselves, play themselves out, and make smooth every passage and terrain.

Try not to get caught up in your story of the moment. Look, rather, to the Long Story. Therein will be found your peace. The cycles will redeem this moment, if you let them, and even this shall pass.

Now, in the course of my long and uneven slouch toward wisdom, several lessons have appeared so consistently that I tend to regard them as being THE TRUTH (or at least I would if I were prone to think in capitals). One of those is that: Women have a voice of their own and need to learn to use it.

And on that note, I bring you the myths of . . .



'When one has one's hand full of truth
it is not always
wise to open it.'

~French Proverb ~






































Arachne, the Goddess Who Spoke the Truth

Arachne, wasn't always a goddess. . . or a spider. She began as a young mortal who was a talented weaver, like her teacher, the Greek Goddess Athena. When Arachne's tapestries began to garner fame, her instant celebrity status went to her head.

She became a bit 'taken with her own press'' and started touting that she was actually a better weaver than the goddess Athena herself. She even had the audacity to challenge  Athena to a contest to see who was the best weaver!

The competition began. With the goddess Envy appointed as the judge, Athena and Arachne  set to their weaving.

Athena's tapestry depicted the noble glory of the gods and goddesses. But Arachne's illustrated stories of some of their most embarrassing moments, including depictions of the various seductions and infidelities of Athena's father, Zeus.

Athena was furious with Arachne's impudence and tore her ripped the weaing to shreds. Realizing that, though she had been 'truthful'' she had also been far too 'righteous', Arachne grew so depressed that she hung herself.


A very rational goddess but often out of touch with her own feelings and insensitive to the emotional states of others, Athena was shocked by Arachne's suicide. She had never meant for their rivalry to go that far.

So Athena, the goddess of Wisdom, took pity on poor Arachne and decided to restore her life and make her immortal, but this time as a spider. "For being so vain", Athena swore, "she will hang and spin forever".

There are many lessons to be learned from the myths of Arachne. Her story tells of the risks that women, even extraordinarily talented women, take when they speak out against the established order.

We are also reminded that when we speak the truth, it should not be done out of pride or in an effort to "get ahead", but in the spirit of concern and love.

Read more about the Myths of the Greek Goddess Arachne

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Follow Up: Kuan Yin Would Be Proud of Ya'


To all you Goddess Gals who sent words of encouragement and sage advice to our young god Ian as he headed of to college . . .

And to all who opened your purse strings to buy him a cup of coffee, breakfast and a book or two . . .

Ian and all of us at Goddess Gift have this to say:

Thank you,
Thank You,
Thank You.

My, What big hearts you have!!!

A dream you dream alone may be a dream,
but a dream two or more people dream together is a reality.
~  John Lennon

Another Opportunity to Do Good & Support Women Trying to Speak their Truth

Want to help the underground railroad for women who have been targeted by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  It's called the Afghan Women's Survival Fund and it is sponsored by Madre International (www.madre.org).  Madre's mission is human rights and environmental justice in the developing world thru the empowerment of women.

The Fund provides emergency transportation both within and outside of Afghanistan (travel without a male relative can be punishable by death), emergency food/clothing/medical care/shelter for women who either need to leave the country to work for human rights
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Alicia, another member of this goddess community, is hosting a silent auction called "Woman-To-Woman" in early November in D.C. to raise funds for this effort, with 100% of the proceeds going to the fund.  Female entrepreneurs, artists, etc. are invited to donate goods and services for the women at the event to bid on them. A great opportunity to reach your target audience! Would you like to help? Contact me and I'll put you in touch with Alicia.

For What It's Worth: The Whole Truth (or at least more of it)

Having just survived my encounter with the dastardly virus, I thought I'd include this information as an 'aside' for those who are interested. We're not seeing the whole truth in the mass media.


Kinda' pretty, this flu virus. Isn't it?

Given all that I know now and all that I've recently learned about it, this new vaccine for H1N1 we've rushed to prepare scares me . . . a lot.

Just click on the picture of the flu virus on the left to check out some resources that will explain the reasons why we're right to be worried and what you can do about it (other than just worry).

Influenza Virus
Photo from
National Geographic



In closing,
   a reminder that..

The Goddess wants you to: Learn to use your voice,



and always with love.


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