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November 2008

:: The Goddess Guide to Surviving the Holidays ::

~ How to see the goodness in every person
who's sitting around your holiday table.

~ The artful way to run away from home

~ Shopping without dropping






How to see the goodness in every person
who's sitting around your holiday table.

Bluesman B. B. King once lamented that "Nobody loves me but my mother. . . and she could be jivin' , too", voicing the most basic human anxiety. If your mother doesn't love you, then who will?

Your mother loves you. Even if the other kids
                        calls you fat, she knows you're just fluffy.

Yes, families can certainly be a blessing, making us feel appreciated and loved. But . . .

Who among us hasn't been there when, as Reginald Hill describes it, "the close confinement, with large supplies of alcohol, of blood relations who have had the good sense to keep far apart for the previous three hundred and sixty four days" come together at the table?

This blessing, provided by our friend, the Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway (aka. the Wedding Goddess) might just provide the right antidote if you find yourself dreading the family holiday get-together this year.

A Goddess Prayer for Family Peace and Grace

But what if, in spite of all your good intentions, your family is still driving you crazy?   Here are a few helpful hints from the goddess Mnemosyne and her daughters, the Muses:

Spend Some Time Reminiscing.

Just like touch, memory is one of the important things that creates "bonding" in relationships. 

It's not so important that you always had good experiences together as that you somehow manage to create good memories of your experiences -- even if the memory itself is just a good story about a bad experience, it creates a powerful pull.

Put another way, it is important to our futures how are memories are framed, how our stories are written in our souls. Spend time framing your memories well. 

Or as one friend of mine likes to say, "I try to judge the value of any event in terms of its future anecdotal value."

And when the going gets rough in a relationship, bring out those photo albums and spend time together re-membering!

The name of the goddess of memory is Mnemosyne. She was considered  one of the most powerful goddesses in her time. After all, memory is a gift that allows us to reason, to predict and anticipate outcomes. It is the very foundation for civilization.

The "art" of memory, once vastly important, fell into horrible decline when it was rendered "obsolete" by the invention of the written word. Today Mnemosyne is mostly known only in her role as the mother of the Muses.

But the ancients believed that when you died and crossed into the Underworld you would be asked to choose . . . you could drink from the river Lethe which would make you forget all the pains and terrors you had experienced in your life (but also the lessons they'd taught you), or you could drink from the spring of memory.

Those who chose to forget would have to be reborn and return to earth to learn the lessons they needed. Those who elected to remember were admitted to the Elysian Fields where they would spend eternity in comfort and peace.

You can read about the ancient goddess of memory at:

The Greek Goddess Mnemosyne

Sing it Out!

Have a Complaint or Criticism and just can't hold it in?  In our house the rule on special occasions is that you've got to sing it out! There's nothing worse for digestion than the tension of bickering at the dinner table.

Some of our family are blessed with gorgeous voices and musical training. And others are definitely not.

What fun when Sarah, our operatic soprano, belts out a soulful 'Use your fork, child. Oh gracious, please spare us the sight and use your fine fork.'

Or when I, basso profundo and horribly off-key, lash out with 'Pa...a...ass the graa..aaa..ay...vy, for the fourth and last time someone ple..ah..eeze hear my plea!'

We credit the Muses for this tension-reducing idea.

Mnemosyne and Zeus, the ruler of the Olympian gods, had nine daughters together. Together they were called the Muses.  Their divine responsibilities included inspiring poets and musicians and promoting the arts.

No banquet was complete without them.

Seated near the throne of their father, the nine sisters entertained the guests, singing, dancing, reciting poetry and keeping the guest spellbound with their stories of the greatness of the gods.

Their influence was profound. By their praising valiant behavior the Muses encouraged further heroism.

They were described as "having one mind, their hearts set upon song and their spirit  free from care". 

All were friends and followers of the god Apollo. On many occasions their wise counsel, as well as their soothing diversions, kept him from making poor decisions.

Their gift was that "though a man has sorrow and grief in his soul,  when the Muses sing, at once he forgets his dark thoughts and remembers not his troubles."  A precious gift indeed.

Read about the Muses and their gifts at: The Nine Muses

But if all this fails, remember that you can always . . .

Run away from home!

The celebrated dancer and  choreographer Twyla Tharp (pictured at right--WOW!!) said that 'Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.'

Lee Ustinich quipped that "Art is spirituality in drag."

It's high time we start recognizing the soulful connections between spirituality and the arts.  Even the Pope says so!!


Speaking of art . . . three new talented and creative people recently came into my life, each of them on a mission to share the goddess with the world through their . . .

Goddess Art

We're pleased to announce
the addition of these featured artists in the Gallery of Goddess Art
at the website.

What wonderful energy they bring!



Paper Sculptures
by Darrell Ross


Artistic Expression of Strength and Spirit
by Lienne Blick




Prayer Paintings
by Ananda



Please visit the Gallery of Goddess Art and be inspired by their work.  

The Goddess often sends us her energy, not only through art but also via  adornment. So we've done something special to sprinkle on some pizzazz for the season.

We're holding a week-long special
You Don't Have to Shop Till You Drop! Sale
on the Glass Art Goddess Collection.
Click below:

Show me the goddess goodies!

Glass art afficianados were shocked last year to learn that the internationally acclaimed Australian glass artist Colin Heaney was packing it in and turning his hand to silk design instead.  We never intended to get "into retail", but we've been carrying his glass art goddesses at the site since 2005 when he approached us saying he would only allow them to be represented by those who truly love the goddess.

One look at them and we were hooked!

But sadly, there are to be no more. We've sold out of some of them and only have a limited supply of the others.

And in the spirit of Colin's desire that they find homes with those who love and honor the goddess we offer his pendants, statues and shrines to our subscribers at their original (i.e., 2005) prices.   Hope you enjoy!

I love the goddess!

The leaves are
showing their
true colors right now. 

Are you showing yours? Do you know
what they are?

Take the
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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. 

 Art is knowing which ones to keep. 
~Scott Adams


Thank you for spending a few minutes with me each month, and for subscribing to the Goddess Gift newsletter. It means a lot to me!

In closing,
   a reminder to...

Embrace that which adds color to your day,
   make memories,
          and give thanks for all that is good and healthy in your life.


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