The Goddess Ostara is on the Loose . . . Estrogen Levels Rising!

Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Easter as we prepare for the annual visit of the goddess Ostara and feel our estrogen levels rising. (Did you know that Oestre is one of her goddess names and that the feel-good hormone is named after her?)

Hope you're experiencing the sense of new life and renewal that Ostara always brings with her.

As a child it seems I was perfectly willing to believe in the fat guy with the reindeer and the tooth fairy, but the Easter Bunny, no way! I pestered the adults with endless questions, but none of them could give me answers that made sense.

Frankly, I found the Easter Bunny a little bit creepy. Still do.
Do you feel the same way or is it just me?

It was only a couple of years ago when I discovered the explanation for all the curious goings-on at Easter.

Easter egg :: Goddess Ostara

An Easter egg to dye for?

So if you're curious about the goddess and the ancient (pagan) origins of the popular Easter customs, we've written an article for you so you can get the answers to those burning questions that keep you awake at night..

Stuff like:

~ Where does the Easter Bunny get the eggs?
Everyone knows that rabbits don't lay eggs,
especially the 'guy' ones. Or do they?

~ Why do we have to hide them?

Inquiring minds want to know, so find out by reading our piece about the History of Easter Traditions.

Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Chocolate Easter Eggs:

If you get melted chocolate all over your fingers,
you're eating it too slowly.


In closing,
   a reminder to...

Break out of your shell
   and spread your wings a bit.

Have a joyful Easter!


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