Solstice Greetings and Warm Wishes for a Blessed Yule Season

The Winter Solstice starts a magical season . . . marking the journey from this year to the next and the journeys of the spirit from one world to the next -- a metaphor for the death of the 'old, unsatisfying ways' and a rebirth to 'new', fulfilling and invigorating patterns in our lives.

At the Winter Solstice the longest night of the year is reborn as the start of the new solar year, marking the 'rebirth' of the Sun and the lengthening of the days. Hence the solstice is celebrated by festivals of light throughout the world.

The Yule Season occupies the space between the Winter Solstice and the start of the New Year and encompasses celebrations that cross many geographic, cultural, and religious 'divides' but share the theme of the rebirth and light.

In ancient Europe, this night of darkness was called Yule, from the Norse word Jul, meaning wheel. The celebration grew from the myths of the Norse goddess Frigga who sat at her spinning wheel weaving our destinies and envisioning the paths that our individual lives would take. The Christmas wreath is a symbol that originally represented Frigga's "Wheel of Fate".

The Yule Season

marks the time when we all are called most strongly to:

~ imagine.  The Winter Solstice and the Yule are the time of the year for when your dreams and visions are the most active and accessible.

Rhiannon, a Welsh incarnation of the Celtic goddess Epona, gallops through the dreams of her people by night, taking them to the place between the worlds where they can create their own visions of a life that fulfills them and helping them to make their dreams come true.

In Scotland, the last night of the year is called Wish Night, a holiday when wishes made for the coming year are at their most powerful.

So what do your hopes and dreams and visions of a better life have to do with the the Yule Season?


Why?? Because your hopes and dreams are your wisest self trying to get an important message through to your head . . . to guide you to the life that your were always meant to live. The Winter Solstice and the Yule also urge us to anticipate and to plan for a life of abundance.

~ illuminate.  

Throughout the world in ancient times the gods and goddesses of light were being born. These were the sons and daughters who would share the light of the sun with us so we could clearly 'see'.

'Seeing', in mythology is used as a metaphor for the knowledge, learning and understanding that makes our actions powerful and potent.

~ ignite.   Light the candles, stoke the fires and burn the logs -- It's time to get centered and to wake up your passion and purpose!

Think of the Greek goddess Hestia and her sacred flame representing the 'life force'. Should the flame ever be extinguished, a cold and barren existence would be all we could hope for so it was constantly tended. Each year at this time, the fires were rekindled from a the living flame of the previous year.

Hestia reminds us to guard our integrity by remaining true to our selves and our callings through constant attention to our inner lives.

Maybe it's the archetypal energy of the Yule season, but most of us feel called this time of year to start paying attention to these weighty issues. Naturally it's the very best time to start thinking about those New Year's resolutions!

So meet me under the mistletoe and learn about the pagan origins of
kissing balls, Christmas trees, jingle bells, and much more:
Yule Traditions

Have a Cool Yule (regardless of which holidays you choose to celebrate)
and, most of all,  a Happy New Year!

In closing,
   a reminder to...

Celebrate life. Celebrate light.
And remember to shine YOUR unique light
out into the world.

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