Greetings, Goddess Gals & Guys

'It's not easy being female', to paraphrase Kermit the Frog's lament about being green.

But the things we women do to share the collective woe with each other, and to have a good laugh about it, certainly DO make it easier.

You know the things I mean . . . the Girls Nights Out, the Oprah Show, goddess gatherings, and  then there are those yummy emails we love to forward on to each other. It bothers me there's no catchy name for those emails, so I've taken the liberty and invented a word for it . . .FEMAIL.

Hey, you've paid your dues just by being female. It's time to remember Baubo, the Greek goddess of mirth, and let your inner goddess laugh!

And here's a special thing to make that happen:

women email

Hope you enjoy this . . .

Tongue-In-Cheek Look At
 What Might Be Different . . .

If the Goddess Was in Charge

These are a few of my personal favorites from the talented digital artists competing at

Goddess in Charge: Part 1

(Hint: for the best viewing experience, click on the link on the right side of the page that says 'Entries as Slide Show', then in the Simple View, just click on the itty-bitty pictures to make the one you want to see pop out!)

And if you enjoyed those, use this link to  See Even More

But here is the one that gets the 'What Do Women Want Award'

Hope you had a good laugh.

We'll be back soon with the regular edition of the Goddess Gift E-Zine. But until then . . .

In closing,
   a reminder to...

 Lighten up and laugh a little (or better yet, a lot)!
 And give thanks for all the wonderful women
 who brighten up your life.


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