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Valentine's Day :: Are you pro or con??  Frankly I'm ambivalent. Something's definitely wrong when you have to postpone going to the supermarket on the day all the lovers (and wannabe's) are frantic, wondering whether to splurge on the heart-shaped box of chocolates, over-priced flowers, or the predictable greeting cards.

Love shouldn't need a special day to make an appearance. Still, I find something absolutely irresistible about all the cute hearts that pop up this time of year.

Whatever your sentiment about the holiday, I hope you're having a good one.

Our modern Valentine's Day owes its existence to the ancient Roman Festival of Lupercalia which celebrated erotic love. It was held in honor of Juno, the the Roman goddess of Love and Marriage (who was worshipped in Greece as the goddess Hera). The name February is thought to be derived from the Latin word "febres", which means feverish.

During the festival, the pagan priest leading the festivities had the grave responsibility for "whipping" all the women to ensure their fertility. Kinda' kinky, eh?

Another part of the celebration involved a "lottery" in which the names of the unmarried females were drawn from a hat by the available young males. The couple would be "paired" for a period of time, perhaps a year or so. in honor of the goddess of love and marriage.

Claudius II was the Emperor of Rome, which had already seen its 'glory days'. Now it was being threatened both by the Goths on its borders and within its borders by the Christians.

Without question Claudius needed his army to be at full-strength. And, frankly married men weren't very good soldiers, often going AWOL for conjugal visits or dropping out to head home to harvest the crops. So he decided to make marriage illegal.

And though he was a pagan himself, Claudius felt it necessary to "ban" the Festival of Lupercalia since it was contributing to the high incidence of marriage that he felt was destroying his mililtia.

Politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows. The Emperor and the Christian (Roman Catholic) Church found themselves on the same side since the Church was also opposed to the pagan festivities, because of their lustfulness and the practice of the "lottery".

It was a dangerous time to be a Christian, and especially a priest. Valentine was part of the Christian underground that defied the Emperor's edict and continued to marry couples in secret. His defiance was eventually discovered and he was captured and imprisoned.

There must have been something very "powerful" about Valentine, because the Emperor personally went to the prison to attempt to convert him to the worship of the pagan deities.

Valentine wasn't swayed by the Emperor's arguments. Instead he tried to persuade Claudius (and all of his jailers) to convert to Christianity. The Emperor was greatly offended. He ordered Valentine's execution.

Beaten to death with clubs, the priest's martyrdom for the cause of marriage eventually lead to his being canonized or "sainted".

And that, my friends, is the story of why it is called 'Valentine's Day'!

And, if you've been laying awake at night wondering why we send Valentine cards and who the heck is that chubby little guy wearing pampers and carrying the bow and arrow . . . be sure to check out the history of Valentine's Day at the site.


What did the goddesses of romance all have in common? A good sense of humor.

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Whether we celebrate it
as a  Festival of Love,
 A Saints Day, an excuse to be romantic (i.e., to binge on chocolate) . . .
it's clear that Valentine's Day meets some deep need in our psyches, and is likely here to stay.

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Fall in love with yourself
this Valentine's Day.

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A Little Valentine for you from me (& the Goddess of Chocolate):

Some Like It HOT! (quick & easy chocolate candy that's to die for!)


  • semi-sweet chocolate chips (or dark chocolate chips if you can find them)

  • approximately equal amount (# of cups) of almond slivers

  • dried cranberries or dried cherries, 6-10 oz. will probably do

  • 1/4 teaspoon (adjust to taste) cayenne pepper (or chipotle pepper powder, or a bit of both)

  ~ brown almonds in oven in pie plate @ 250 degrees, about 4-5 minutes (check frequently)
  ~ melt chocolate in top of double broiler or in microwave
  ~  stir almonds and cranberries into the melted chocolate
  ~  drop the mixture by the tablespoon onto the paper lined cookie sheet (waxed or parchment paper)
  ~  let cool (stick the cookie sheet in the fridge if you just can't wait)


 In closing . . .

a reminder to . . .

Love courageously,
  Laugh outrageously (and often), and
     Let some fireworks into your life.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day.


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