Easter, Ostara, and the Easter Bunny

Here's our annual Spring issue wishing you a wonderful Easter as we ready ourselves for the arrival of the goddess Ostara (the German Goddess of the Dawn, and of Easter). Oestre (and Estre) are two of her other goddess names. Estrogen, the girly-girl, feel good and like to cuddle (or something more) hormone, is actually named after her!

I've had another year of mostly being housebound with my back problems, and I'm as ready to break out of confinement as a chick coming out of its shell.

Thanks to some really fine 'stuff' that's come into my life, I AM emerging from captivity, making a gentle, but nonetheless exciting, comeback. And I'm enjoying every new sunrise and all that's blossoming in my yard and in my life.

Even the dandelions. Especially the dandelions.

Hope you're experiencing the same sense of new life and renewal. It's a very special gift, the one Ostara is famous for!

And, to my way of thinking there is no holiday more graceful than Easter, a celebration where pagan and Christian traditions are so beautifully interwoven to call our attention to the eternal cycle of rebirth and the need for renewal in our lives.

The Goddess Ostara

The Saxon goddess of the dawn, Ostara, arrived each year to bring spring to the earth. It was her divine responsibility.

One year she overslept. Arriving late,  she found a poor little bird shivering with the cold and about to die. Feeling a little guilty about his predicament (OK, so maybe she felt a lot guilty),  she turned him into a snow hare since so he'd be able to survive next year's snow.

As he scampered around, leaping gleefully in the snow, Ostara couldn't help but fall in love with the little guy.

Big mistake.

To find out why, just read the story of The Goddess Ostara and the Easter Bunny.

So if you're curious about the pagan origins of our Easter traditions, here's where you can get the answers to those burning questions that keep you tossing and turning at night . . .

::Where does the Easter Bunny get the eggs? ::

Everyone knows that rabbits don't lay eggs,
especially the 'guy' ones.
Or do they?

You'll find the answer in the myths of the Goddess Ostara

:: What's the point in hiding them? ::

Find the answer here: Easter Egg Hunts

goddess quiz

and the Goddess That You Are.

Discover which goddess is
hiding in you.
Learn more about the


Inquiring minds want to know, so find all the answers at: 
History of Easter Traditions.

In closing,
a reminder to

Celebrate all that is good
     and wondrous in your life.

Happy Easter!


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