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Febuary  2013       

Just an informal note to share a couple things with you. Why, I'm so far behind this is the first chance I've had to wish you a blessed and prosperous New Year . . . and if I took the time to put all the usual 'fancies' in this email, it would probably be Halloween before I got it out to you.

It's been snowing here all day. We were supposed to get a light dusting. It's been continual. Now it's beautiful, peaceful and quiet here in our wooded area.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that if this keeps up (and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon), the limbs of the trees will be breaking off from their heavy loads and taking the power lines with them. So I thought it might be good to get this to you today, instead of saying, like Scarlett O'Hara,  "I'll worry about that tomorrow!"

After all, tomorrow I may be worrying about something really critical, like how to heat up a cup of coffee over a votive candle!

I've been thinking of how very proud I've been of women this week. Especially Gabby Giffords and Sarah Brady when they met with Congress this week and were so hauntingly and movingly eloquent in their testimony pleading for gun control measures.

And, of course, I thought of how very 'Artemis' they seemed.

There is much that I admire about the Greek goddess Artemis.



:: Greek Goddess of the Hunt ::

Now Artemis was a woman who was decisive.

She definitely knew what she wanted, wasn't overly bound by all the shoulda's and ought-to's that many of us impose upon ourselves.

She didn't wait for approval. She always did what she 'thought was right', and stopped to ask questions (or permission) later.

Known as the protector of women and children, she didn't hesitate to speak up or take action on their behalf.

She had little time for rules and regulations and surrounded herself with women. No wonder she was known as the First Feminist in the Pantheon.

Enjoy reading the myths of the audacious, bodacious, 'wild woman' goddess Artemis here.

What would we do without the support of other women . . . they give us hope and comfort. And if they're creative they give us inspiration and wonderful artwork to share with you. The image of Artemis above was just such a gift from Judith Goldberg, astrologer and goddess lover (and an Artemis type herself, according to her Goddess Quiz). She's also a SoulCollage Facilitator and what could be cooler than that!

Ever had a yen to make your own Goddess Deck? Check out the incredible work (and the how-to video) at the SoulCollage site.

Pssst! And be sure to let us know when you've got a 'beauty' to let us share :-)

Speaking of sharing . . .

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So Beautiful I Could Feel My Heart Breaking

In spite of all the shock and sorrow that life brings our way, we sometimes encounter something so achingly beautiful that it makes us grateful to be living on this planet.

This video did that to me. Hope you're equally in awe!



In closing,
   a reminder to...

Notice things,
 make room for gratitude,
 and give thanks for what is strong and beautiful in your life.


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