The Goddess Has A Journey for You
Oh the Places You'll Go!

Dr. Seuss said it best. "Oh the Places You'll Go!"

As for me, that's my motto these days as I prepare to get my artificial knees (the right one in a month, left one in July) and then YIPPEE!! I'll do a big Happy Dance and be ready to go! (I tried to talk them into giving me "blades" instead so I could be in the next Olympics, but silly them, they thought I was a bit old for that.)

Some days it's been cheerfulness and bravado, others marked by fearfulness and anxiety, and even a few brief "pity-parties" along the way. One consistent thing has been the unpredictability of it all, the unreliability of me (a hateful thing that I've never allowed to invade my life . . . till now).

Long story short: No newsletter full of goddess stories today. A Mother's Day edition is on the way, but "maybe before Mother's Day" is all I can say. Maybe after. Most I can offer. I'm counting that Mother(s) will wait patiently, even if disappointedly; after all, it's one of the wonderful things they are known for.

But I write today to say that there are two things coming up fast, goddess things, wonderful goddess things . . . that I want you to know about because maybe, just maybe, you'll look at them and say "Oh the Places I'll Go!"

The Goddess Telesummit

I'm excited to share with you a FREE event taking place this month: The Embrace the Goddess Telesummit, an event created to help bring into our world the Guardian Energy of the Divine Feminine.

I was soooo disappointed when my colleague Kim Wilborn got in touch, inviting me to participate by doing a session on "The Goddess Within" and I had to decline.

But Kim and 19 other teachers will show you how to work with the Goddess Energy that is SO wanting to help each one of us. There's no cost to attend, and even if you can't attend the talks live at the time scheduled, you will get access to each replay for 48 hours. Click this link to see the speakers and their topics: Goddess Telesummit



These powerful teachers are coming together to show you how to create a personal relationship with the Goddess—a relationship that will sustain, nourish, and expand your life.

I  invite you to be my guest at this one-of-a-kind event and experience for yourself a connection to the Divine Feminine that can:

  • Strengthen and empower you

  • Return you to a state of wholeness

  • Support you in being who you are meant to be

  • Help you live your soul purpose

And show you how to show up fully in every area of your life!

Register today for the FREE event.

And, as if that isn't enough to keep you out of trouble, for those of you living or visiting the Boulder Colorado Area, you're invited to attend the Milk Moon Exhibition, being held at the Nalanda Gallery, 6286 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO, 80301, April 24-May 11. (For more  information call : 303.546.3585) 

It's the Naropa University's BFA Senior Exhibit, featuring the works of, among others, our very own Linda Stanley (Yay! Another newsletter subscriber's goddess-blessed talents are being unleashed into this world.)


Pssst! Try to make it to the Reception this Friday,  May 10, 5-7 pm . . . that's where Linda Stanley's special 'Goddess Installation' featuring the work of several goddess artists (including mine!) will be unveiled.


Wonder if she had any idea when she invited me to submit my piece that having my art in an exhibition would have been on my 'bucket-list' if I'd ever gotten around to making one??? 

Thank goddess for wonderful subscribers like Linda Stanley and the rest of you. You give me such joy!


In closing,
   a reminder that...

I hope to be back soon with
The Goddess and Mother's Day (hope springs eternal)
But for now, gotta  run limp to get it ready,

Take care. Mama goddess loves  ya',



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