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February  2013       

Oh Goddess, who said history is boring???

Not when it's told right.
Imagine a story set to song . . . to the tune of "You Give Me Fever".

Then throw in soldiers going AWOL, a lottery of love, the emasculation of a god, two religions dukin' it out, and a little S & M thrown in to boot. Whatta' ya get?

Valentine Goddess Venus (Aphrodite)

Valentine's Day is a holiday with 'Goddess' written all over it.
 It just wouldn't be complete without a retelling of:

The Goddess, the Emperor and the Priest

Valentine's Day :: Are you for it or against??  I'm ambivalent. Something's definitely out of whack when you dread heading out to the supermarket on the day all the lover-wannabes are out and in a panic, arm-wrestling for the last heart-shaped box of chocolates on the shelf, slightly bedraggled flowers, and an overly-predictable greeting card.

I can't help but wonder what Aphrodite (Venus) the irresistible and ever-so-desirable goddess of romantic love, would make of all this!

Love shouldn't need a special day to make an appearance.


Whatever your feelings about the holiday, I hope you're having a great one.

One of the lessons of all of the goddesses
was this:

Whether they were 'partnered up' or not,
they were loving and passionate to. . .
their nature, their 'callings' and their selves.

In closing,
   a reminder that...

Whatever you do,

do it with Love and Passion.



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