It's the Winter Solstice here, the longest night of the year, a reminder to:
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Sleep, and perchance
  • To dream.

And that's the message of the goddess Befana (aka the Christmas witch who was the original template for Santa Claus). You can read about the legendary Befana here.

Her lessons (and she learned them the hard way!) are:

  • Let go of those unrealistic expectations and those high standards that ask too much of you, especially during the holiday season.
  • Forgive yourself when you release all that hurried and harried. From this day on, do only what you enjoy, what literally brings you joy.
  • Nourish your spirit, search for what is meaningful and good in your life, what you are grateful for.

Hope you can make memories, peace, love and laughter,

Happy Holidays!

Sharon , Liz and Sarah

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