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:: The Goddess and the Valentine::     

Oh Goddess, some of us are excited by the promise of romance.
Candlelit dinners, roses and chocolates,
And promises of love eternal.

And some of us are not.

Some have lost their special Valentine and are full of grief.
Some still wait and long for their Valentine to arrive.
And some could simply care less for they do not have the need.

Looking at each and every one of the goddesses, we see that:

Whether they were 'partnered up' or not,
they were loving and passionate to. . .
their nature, their 'callings', and their selves.

Oh Goddess, May it be that way with us.

Love and war, lotteries of love, pagan festivals, the goddess of love and marriage, (Juno, the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite), wolves, a renegade priest and a blind girl, executions, and smuggled notes...the fascinating history of Valentine's Day rivals the Game of Thrones in its twists and turns.

Just read The Goddess, the Emperor and the Priest to get  the story.

In closing,
   a reminder that...

The most important thing

that you will ever do,

is discover who you really are,

and love that self

with all your heart.




Happy Valentines Day

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