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A Prayer to the Goddess Yemaya

Goddess Yemaya, black madonna,
Goddess of courage and compassion,
Please hear our prayers.

Yemaya, you who once faced the suffering and fear
of your own life, and understood it so well
that you spread your calming light upon the sea.
You left your mountain home
to travel in the holds of the slave ships,

Comforting your people, letting them know that
Even though they were mightily afraid . . .
They were not alone.

Your gentle presence is needed now.
Great mother, Make haste to the island Haiti.
Cast your calm upon the chaos there, and
heal their hurt with hope.

Please give all of us the vision to see the highest in each other, 
and grant us the opportunity to reach out and be there for each other,
Most of all in times like these.

Give us compassion and courage to ride the tides of despair with you,
and empower us always to love and nurture one another.

Oh goddess Yemaya, help all of us to cope, and hope, 
cradled in the arms of your bountiful grace.

~ Sharon Turnbull

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       In closing . . .


The myths of the goddess Yemaya remind us that even the worst catastrophes can be endured and that, with her help, we can learn to negotiate the ebbs and flows of change in our lives with her wisdom, courage, and grace.

Keep hope within your heart,


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