halloween history



halloween history

A friend sent me this.  I had to laugh . . .


'Weird, Mom!',  was all Liz and Sarah had to say, but the photo really tickled me. Probably because  Tinkerbell really creeped me out when I was a child.  She had apparently tapped into some pretty primal archetypal energy there.

Sure, I clapped for her (politely) but my heart really wasn't in it. 

Do any of you feel the same way?

 Are you or anyone you know  a faeryphobe?  Apparently a lot of kids have a fear of the Tooth Fairy, at least there are enough of them that there's a CD to help them get over it, but I haven't found anything similar for a Tinkerbell-phobia.

On the other hand maybe I just suspected there was something  seriously wrong with  a woman who allowed herself to just pine away for some guy who just wasn't that into her or just refused to grow up and make a commitment.

'Twas mighty judgmental of me, if that was the case.

Since the photo triggered all this introspection I went back to my report from  the Goddess Quiz searching for clues. And I found this absolutely right-on remark:

Although outgoing and friendly, an Athena woman may not always be  responsive other's points of view or their expression of emotions.  (Wearing her heart on her sleeve does not come naturally to an Athena-type. After all, she DOES wear that golden armor for a reason -- to protect her from feeling pain, whether it's her own or that of others.)

 Obviously I had some lessons to learn from Hecate, the most accepting and least judgmental of the goddesses, and the one most closely associated with Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, it has such a rich and fascinating association with the goddesses and the ancient religions. Check out this page  if you want to learn more about  the origins of our Halloween traditions:

Everything You Wanted to Know About Things That Go Bump in the Night

and while you're at the site, feel free to shed all those masks that  you wear
and discover the goddess you really are.  Check out the:


And This Just In . . .

Ya' gotta love, love, love  those girlfriends who email you funny 'stuff',
what I like to call 'Femail'!

I just had to share this timely, Halloween-themed one that just arrived in my inbox so I rushed to get it made into a slide show.
You can see it here.  
'Why Dogs Bite People'

Back soon with the regular issue of the Goddess Gift E-Zine. Get ready for a visual feast as we celebrate the Goddess in Art. In the meantime, here's wishing you  a . . .

Smashing Samhain and a Happy Halloween!


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