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February 2010      

'Sex is
emotion in motion.' 
~Mae West

:: The Goddess and Sex::
Turning Up the Heat for Valentine's Day

No doubt about it . . . the goddesses have a lot to teach us about sex and love!

Life may have been simpler in ancient times, back when God was a woman. Harder, no doubt—but simpler.

Woman had only a handful of roles to play in life: gathering food, being a sex partner (willingly or not), giving birth, caring for her young, and getting someone (most often a man) to bring her protein and to protect her and her offspring while they were vulnerable.

No wonder so many of the oldest goddesses, the Great Goddesses, are categorized as ‘fertility goddesses'!

Hot Sex Goddess

Which goddess springs to mind when you think of the words "Sex Goddess"?

  • Aphrodite (Venus), the irresistible and ever-so-desirable goddess of love, with her numerous extramarital affairs?

  • The playful Egyptian goddess Bastet (Bast), the original 'party girl' for whom the term "sex kitten" was invented?

  • The lovely Psyche who 'saved' herself for marriage to her soul-mate and courageously earned the right to become a goddess by marrying the god of love?

  • The 'virgin goddess' like Athena and Hestia who just weren't that into sex and romance, choosing to forgo those pleasures to avoid the distraction from the things they really loved to do?

  • Or perhaps the Greek Goddess Hera who invested all her emotional energy trying to seduce her lusty husband Zeus to give up his wandering ways and
    eventually pulled it off (and shares the secret of her success with us) 

  • Personally, I'd vote for the fiercely independent intellectual and talented mortal Atalanta who had no use for a man. Yet, unlikely as it may sound, she fell in love with a 'geek' who stirred her to such feverish passion that Zeus had to make her immortal so that the pair could make love forever!

So many different archetypes and 'sexual styles' they represent!
Which one(s) call out to you?

But all of the goddesses, whether they were 'partnered up' or not,
were loving and passionate to. . .
their nature, their 'callings' and their selves.

(Pssst...you can read the goddess' myths by using the links in their names above!)

From time to time, we like to pass the rattle to a friend who has something wise to say on the subject at hand.  Who better than our new friends, sex educators and authors Esther Lastique & Dr. Joni Frater whose new book, Love Her Right, is making its big debut today.

Let's hear what they have to say about sex and . . .




'The best sex education for kids is when Daddy pats Mommy on the fanny when he comes home from work. '
~William Masters








'Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.'
~Woody Allen













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Rediscovering the Goddess Within

By Esther Lastique & Dr. Joni Frater

In the rich tradition of the Goddess, she has many faces – Aphrodite, Artemis, Atalanta, Calypso, Hera and many others. She embodies the powers of the feminine: Love, Creation, Strength, Fertility, and Sensuality. Her deepest source of power has always been her sexuality and her ability to wield that power, bending others to her will or sharing herself joyfully.

So in today’s hectic world, how do modern women access the Goddess living within each of us? There are many ways and we catch a glimpse of her face every day. A loving mother kissing a skinned knee or sewing a pumpkin costume; a driving force leading a business meeting, a vibrant grandmother preparing a Sunday feast, a passionate lover celebrating and sharing her sexuality with abandon. We have seen her embodied throughout history: Mary Magdalene, Golda Meir, Eva Peron, and Eleanor Roosevelt. A little of each of them lives in all of us.

With all that we have to do in a day and all the energy our lives take, how can we tap into this ancient power, and use it to fuel our lives? My suspicion is that the easiest path to the Goddess within is through sexuality. The sad reality is that many of us have willingly walked away from our sensual side, distancing ourselves from the very power that can rejuvenate us and carry us through our taxing lives. Danger lies in walking away from our sexuality, for the further we stray, the harder it is to find our way home and reconnect with our sexual power.

Don’t let this happen! Harness your internal Goddess today by reigniting the passion with your partner. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and it’s time to celebrate love and passion. It’s not as hard as you think, and you can start today! Here’s how:

•    Women need to feel sexy to want to be sexual so this is where it all starts – in your own head. Wear something sexy (and comfortable) underneath your clothes. It will make you feel sexy, and it’s just for you – no one needs to know!

•    Foreplay is an all day affair! As women, it takes us longer to get turned on, so we need to become active participants in our own arousal. Touch more, laugh more, send your partner a sexy text or email during the day. Kiss and caress each other when you know sex isn’t going to happen – over coffee in the morning, at a stolen lunch during a work day, or while doing chores with the kids on the weekend. The consistency of physical touch will turn up the level of electricity in your daily lie and that’s sexy!

•    Invite a sexual encounter with your lover and be vocal about it! Celebrate your sexuality– for too long women have sacrificed their own pleasure so as not to hurt their partner’s feelings. Ask for what you want – your partner will be astounded by your new sexual power and the Goddess within will come out and play!

•    If you have any hesitations about welcoming your inner sex goddess, bear in mind that dozens of studies have proved that regular orgasmic sex improves your immune system, improves bone density, protects against breast cancer and cardiovascular disease, and increases longevity. One Scottish study even proved that women who have at least 2 orgasms a week look 6-12 years younger than their non-sexual peers. Embracing your inner Goddess will improve your relationship and your health!

The Goddess is alive and well within us all, she only needs your invitation to make an appearance. This Valentine’s Day, embrace your sexuality and watch the powerful Divine Feminine reveal herself. Her passion will invigorate you, revitalize your relationship and transform your life! And make room in your lingerie drawer – the more often you invite her into your bedroom, the better chance you have of her moving in to stay!

Esther Lastique & Dr. Joni Frater are co authors of Love Her Right: The Married Man’s Guide to Lesbian Secrets for Great Sex!

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Celebrating Valentine's Day

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In closing,
   a reminder that..

Whatever you do,

do it with Love and Passion.


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