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The Legends of the Stones : A letter from the author

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 The Goddess wants you to discover mythical ways to unleash your destiny, see what your intuition knows about Fate, and find visible and invisible ways to use your power. Buy this exciting new book Legends of the Stones on September 21 ONLY and receive over $750 in gifts that unlock the secrets to your success and happiness. Read more to find out how to receive your Bonus Gifts.

 You know that the goddess Gaia, or Mother Earth is a healer, a rebirther, a force and a fury that creates and sculpts at will. She has invited you to ride the waves of her energies so that you too may create and sculpt the life you want. The mystical, mythical healing properties of gemstones (turquoise, coral, jasper, amethyst) along with symbols and myth – wizards, dragons, cats and kings – are power sources that call forth your destiny. We have not fully tapped those sources. Legends of the Stones will.

This exciting new goddess book, Legends of the Stones, awakens your mind and heart to discovery of  soul-powers that have rested in the womb of creation for millennium....powers that also reside in your personal womb of self-growth treasures: creativity, artistry, intuition, happiness, self-love, healing, confidence and worthiness. These are gifts already given – you must tap your  intuition and the magical nature within to call them forward; the planet is depending on you.

As the Myth Doctor, I have researched and practiced many spiritual disciplines over 35 years...they all worked for a while and then became less effective. In bewilderment, I turned to myth, legend, symbols and stones to see if the ancients knew something we ‘moderns’ did not. They did.  Legends of the Stones helps you combine the mystical energy and treasures of Mother Earth with myths of the ages to embellish your own spiritual practice. Your unique energy will draw your dreams and desires (your destiny) to you. In this Game of Life we need all the help we can get. Accepting advice from the goddesses of the past seemed like a worthy idea to me. And it worked. It will work for you too.

Legends of the Stones is not for the timid – it is stirring up excitement and hope because it is the funeral knell for dogma, patriarchal straitjackets and personal power outages. Wear or carry the exquisite beauty of earth’s treasures or a mythical symbol as a talisman (like our ancestors did) to heal, guide, comfort and ennoble yourself.  Our greatest gift to ourselves is that we are seekers – metaphysical explorers. This makes us a blessing to those we love and to this beautiful planet we’ve inherited. Legends of the Stones explores ways to grow spiritually, financially, emotionally and globally. It reminds you that, as a goddess yourself,  it is imperative that you write your own myth. This book has been called the who, what, where, when and why of legends and myths, stones and personal power. It’s a unique read for seekers, artists, and cultural creatives  It’s a powerful book to own, and an empowering gift to give.

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